The HP A is capable of making highly accurate measurements. In order to .. you should use manual range to get to the lowest range possible for the. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A User Manual. View and Download HP A user manual online. A Multimeter pdf manual download.

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File:HP 34401A User Manual.pdf

STAT ON and then changed to a math operation that was not valid with the present measurement function. Following recent trend with Hewlett-Packard equipment repair, welcome new article for more popular bench DMM repair worklog. Read the minimum value found during a min-max operation. Make sure the multimeter is in the dc voltage function with 5 digits of resolution displayed.

Quick Start Quick Start One of the first things you will want to do with your multimeter is to become acquainted with its front panel. Chapter 3 Features and Functions Math Operations Math Operations There are five math operations available, only one of which can be enabled at a time.

To Set The Parity Agilent A Multimeter — Product overview. Hp3440a A local 15V zener regulator. Continuity Threshold Resistance We have written the exercises in this chapter to prepare the multimeter for use and help you get familiar with some of its front-panel operations. Set the RS baud rate and parity see chapter 4.


In order to achieve the greatest accuracy, you must take the necessary steps to eliminate potential measurement errors. Chapter 5 Error Messages Error Messages Loading Errors ac Volts The multimeter then calculates the average of all readings and records the number of readings taken since min-max was enabled.

Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview If you send two query commands without reading the response from the C a u t i o n first, and then attempt to read the second response, you may receive some data from the first response followed by the complete second response.

Low-level Measurement Errors Chapter 7 Measurement Tutorial Low-Level Measurement Errors Low-Level Measurement Errors When measuring ac voltages less than mV, be aware that these measurements are especially susceptible to errors introduced by extraneous noise sources.

Note that the crest factor errors do not apply for input signals below Calibration Message Chapter 3 Features and Functions Calibration Overview Calibration Message You can use the calibration message feature to record calibration information about your multimeter. If you like the article or have any questions, jump in comments!

The selected math operation remains in effect until you disable it, change functions, turn off the power, or perform a remote interface reset. Don’t have an account?

HP A USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

Not this time though, no problems detected with a switch, probed input 1. Page 5 Display Annunciators Turns on during a measurement.

To Measure Current Check to see if you have enclosed the character string in single or double quotes and that the string contains valid characters. And Hp344001a Commands Chapter 1 Quick Start Quick Start If you set the trigger count and then go to local front panelthe multimeter ignores the trigger count setting; For example, you can store such information as the last calibration date, the next calibration due date, the instrument serial number, or even the name and phone number of the person to hp3401a for a new calibration.


Shift registers on AC circuitry and few other opamps were replaced as well, but that was actually unnecessary.

Mmanual Measure Resistance To Select The Remote Interface Remote Interface Configuration Applies to all measurement functions, except continuity and diode tests.

Beeper Control Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations Beeper Control Normally, the multimeter will emit a tone whenever certain conditions are met from the front panel.

| HP A repair and calibration worklog

Resolution Chapter 3 Features and Functions Measurement Configuration Resolution Resolution is expressed in terms of number of digits the multimeter can measure or display. This kit contains adapters for connection to other computers, terminals, and modems.

Meter does power on, VFD screen lit up and keypad working normally. These filters allow you to trade-off low frequency accuracy for faster reading speed.

To Calculate Total Measurement Error Scpi Language Version Query