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Multiple Choice Questions [1 Mark each]. Also, write the correct aarora. The content contained in the head section of your document provides information to the browsers and search engines but, it is not displayed directly on the Web page.

Output leftmargin Sets a left hand margin distance between the left side of the document and the left edge of the browser window of your body element.

Write one basic difference between bgcolor and background attributes. Explain the following statement: So, the correct code is. Explain the following with the help of an example: It lets you further customise an HTML ordered list by setting a new starting digit for the ordered list element.

It is used to htmk the matter tags used in a Web page.

It is used to define a paragraph of the text on the Web page. The different forms of list are ordered list and unordered list. Write an option used with this tag. You can download PDF versions of the user’s guide, manuals and ebooks about bookyou can also find and download for free A free online manual notices with beginner and intermediate, Downloads Documentation, You can download PDF files about book for free, but please respect copyrighted ebooks.


The default alignment for paragraph is a left b right c center d justified Answer: The attributes of this tag are size and face. Which program do you need to write HTML code? Identify which one is an attribute or a tag? Facebook – Connexion ou inscription. RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions. Which heading element gives the most prominent headings?

Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading. Write the expansions of the following tags. Any two types of alignment that can be applied to a paragraph are as follows:. DS-handbook UK – HTML tags are a in uppercase b case sensitive c in lowercase d not case sensitive Answer: Various markup elements are allowed within the body to indicate heading, paragraphs, lists, hypertext links, images and so on.


Differentiate between container and empty elements used in HTML. Please respect the publisher and the author for their creations if their books are copyrighted.

How would you display text in the title bar of a browser?

Title must be a simple text and should not be same as the file name. The default color of vlink attribute is purple. CBSE a bgcolor b size c text d link Answer: The bgcolor attribute is used for coloring the background of the document while background attribute specifies a background image for a document. In a Web page, you can place a arorra levels of headings b 6 levels of headings c 4 levels of headings d 7 levels of headings Answer: CBSE06, 05 Answer: What is an attribute in HTML?


Find error s in the following HTML code segment. CBSE04 Answer: Write any two attributes used with this tag. Which section is used for text and tags that are shown directly on your Web pages? Right click on the Web page and then select View Source from the context menu. Explain the following with the help of an sumit.

How is it useful? Which tag do we use to change the size and style face of the text of an HTML file viewed on a Web browser?

CBSE08 Answer: Which tag is used to insert heading of third level on a Web page? Name two common graphic files formats that most browser recognise.

FOUNDATION OF IT-CLASS 10 – World Full of Questions

Carefully study the Web page given here. Container elements HTML container elements require a starting as well as an ending tags.

Find the error s in the following code and underline those errors. If aora want to display uppercase alphabets instead of numbers, ………… ordered type should you use.

These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels!