By Sister Suzanne Toolan. This is the fourth I wrote “I Am the Bread of Life” for a San Francisco archdiocesan event in I was teaching. Sister Suzanne Toolan, RSM, creator of the communion song, “I Am the Bread of Life,” is an internationally known composer of liturgical music. She is a. The bread that I will give. Is My flesh for the life of the world. And if you eat of this bread. You shall live for ever. You shall live for ever 3. Unless.

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Those were fine days, Sister Suzanne, and that your music has touched so many is no vread to me! Send me occasional email updates. That is a great job.

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Hymnary Friends,

I am the Bread of life Yo soy el pan de vida Composer: Instructions to verify your account lifd been sent Done. She has given much to the world in her work, it is inspired and becomes inspiration that brings us closer to our Lord and Savior. I am the bread of life; you who come to me shall not hunger Composer: Music for the Requiem Mass. That was my introduction to a beautiful learning period in my life and the beginning of a loving relationship that has stayed with me all my life.


Thank you so much for writing this hymn. Posted on April 9, at 6: Songwriting with Mercy Connect With Mercy: I am so very glad that you pulled it back out of that wastepaper basket!

Posted on April 12, at 8: Taruna Dsouza Wednesday, November 21, 5: By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. Anglican Hymns Old and New Rev. Sister Suzanne, your music is the score for my deepest prayers and the soundtrack for k youth- I confess to have bragged about our association a few times.

The Story of “I Am the Bread of Life”

We all loved it and found ourselves singing it in the car afterwards. They will be thrilled Thank you! It has had a life of its own ever since. The bread that I will give Is My flesh for the life of the world And if you eat of this bread You shall live for ever You shall live for ever 3.

Thank you, young freshman way back in ! Its tessitura is too low. I am the resurrection I am the life If you believe in Me Even though you die You shall live for ever 5. Your email address will not be published. Posted on April 14, at More than sisters serving in two states and the Philippines.

I am always touched when people tell me that at the funeral of a mother, father or friend, these sung words of Jesus lice them qm. I was warmly welcomed by Sister Marguerite, who after a brief visit in the foyer of Mercy Center, led me down two flights of stairs to where I was to meet Sister Suzanne.


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Suzanne Toolan • Missing Verse From “I Am The Bread Of Life” Hymn

Suzanne Toolan, RSM, b. What an interesting turn of events! Posted on April 15, at You have gained a new fan.

On behalf of the entire Hymnary. My path took me to become a wife, mother, teacher, and music minister.

He was born in Michigan and his parents were Leo and Viola Schwartz. She told me the story the same way. I really appreciate the juxtaposition of John chapters 6 and After all these years, I still think of the first time I heard it! Please try again later. We’re behind where we have been in past years with this drive, and we are hoping to catch up a little between now and January 1, !

I can be almost sure that one of the reasons your song became so popular is that this song was and is sung in thousands of Charismatic Prayer Groups all over the world in these past 40 years. Hymnal Supplement This is a beautiful song and I always think of her when I hear it. Suzanne Toolan, ; Betty Pulkingham, Key: I could never figure out how the hymn became popular.

Jesus, we Trust in You! Tge song was so worshipful that it was sung all the time.