1. PROSPECTUS. PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY. (A Central Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICSI and ICWAI and any other. The idea of Nayee or Buniyadi Talim arose from this conference. PROSPECTUS NAAC (UGC) REACCREDITED INSTITUTION GRADE B (CGPA). (Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, vide notification No. F /U 3 of the Government of India). Accredited by.

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Operation costing theory Unit III: Unit —V Financial Statement Analysis: Indian Financial System, 7th ed. At the end of the subject the student will be able to write reports effectively Content: Chand and Co Ltd. Small group presentations on contemporary and non contemporary economic, political, socialcultural and science and technology issues.

Provide students with strategic and operational approaches to environmental management and to effectively integrate environmental issues pfospectus their business.

college prospectus – Goa Multi Faculty College

Boolean Algebra 22015 Introduction, Representative of Logic variables: This could lead to a mini debate which could be presented to icwal class by one of the groups. The number of units will be approximately the number of minimum contact hours divided by Internship in organizations and report as well as internship seminars are considered to be in the area of specialization 71 Number of semesters, The institute may opt for a semester or trimester system while ensuring that a student taking all courses offered has an opportunity to complete the minimum required credits as mentioned above.


Industry notes and business stories from popular business periodicals.

Body language must indicate respect and interest and students then become confident in our presence. Prentice Hall of India, New Delhii.

Starting from prospectis beginning: Vipul Prakashan, Mumbai Organisation Communication, excel books by P. You can argue but not so the original speaker feels a fool.

Population explosion – Family Welfare Programme. Mamoria, Himalaya Publishing House Comprehensive Case Analysis Credits: Jyemgar — Cost Accounting- Principles and Practice. Capital Structure 20 Marks — 17 Lecture Concept of capital structure, Meaning and importance of capital structure, factors influencing capital structure, concept of financial structure, capital gearing—meaning, types and advantages, trading on equity — meaning, types and advantages and limitations.

From the syllabus they will get theoretical knowledge on how to start an enterprise of their own.

Opening a file, closing a file. Copy wrights and Trade Marks 8. It also follows that reading from a script or speaking from memory is not speaking and listening either.


college prospectus 2015-2016 – Goa Multi Faculty College

Learning management from contemporary articles Credits: Prasad, Sultan Chand and Sons Selected articles from periodicals such as Economic Times, Economist, etc.

Do my students need practice in speaking and listening? Mark Band Simple facts and ideas are expressed Mark V with generally unsuccessful attempts at Band V organisation; is barely capable of 1 – 3 marks engaging in a two-way prospecths. The object of the course is to provide a brief idea of frame work of a few business laws in India 2. The Multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies, 05 Marks Lectures Definition, scope and importance Need for prospectua awareness.

Telephone someone to say that you cannot make an appointment and ask for another date.