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CENELEC on It is based on IEC In the meantime two amendments (A and. A) have been published. Since February . IEC Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ ≤ 16A per phase). IEC Limitation of emission of harmonic currents. For more detailed information please refer to the relevant standards available from the organization concerned. Harmonics standard IEC Ed. 3

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German EMC directive for 61000-3-2 and narrow band interference generated by information technology equipment.

Views Read Edit View history. John Woodgate can be contacted by Email: With these system characteristics, and a voltage source that remains below the maximum permitted distortion levels given in Table 1, the impact on measurement errors due to system characteristics will be negligible, and we can now concentrate 66100-3-2 the harmonics analyzer itself.

If the load 6100–3-2 from the 8 A example, resulting in a different voltage change, simply adjust the expected reading proportionally. Voltage fluctuation immunity test for equipment with input current not exceeding 16 A per phase. Earthmoving Machinery Electromagnetic Compatibility. Subpart A contains a general provision that “devices may not cause interference and must accept interference from other sources.

Controlling a resistive load with a dimmer allows the user to verify a number of parameters, because the current waveform not only has well defined properties see Table 2 and Fig.

IEC 61000-3-2

First we will assume that the analyzer is fully compliant with the standard, and concentrate on system integration issues, because these have been shown to occur more frequently. Introduction Harmonics and voltage-change testing have 6100-32 part of low frequency emission measurements for CE marking of most electrical products since the mid ? If the voltage drop is bigger than 0. European Immunity from radio interference of broadcast receivers. A low cost method to verify harmonic analysis accuracy Figure 2 shows a setup that may be used to verify harmonic analysis accuracy.


Generic standards Emission standard for industrial environments. Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests for equipment with input current more than 16 A per phase. The resulting neutral conductor can be larger than the current in each of the phases R, S and T.

Compliance Journal

To guarantee a voltage distortion below 0. European limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics lec broadcast receivers.

Note that, similar to the harmonics test, this test does depend on having a largely resistive load. E lectromagnetic C ompatibility I ndustry 6100-3–2 ssociation.

One can also check the voltage distortion of the source, and the voltage crest factor. Testing and measurement techniques Pulse magnetic field immunity test. Off-vehicle radiation source Vehicle test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow band radiated electromagnetic energy. Since this data processing includes the Fourier analysis, data averaging of 40 harmonics, calculating active power, power factor, and comparison against harmonics limits, the analyzer is not a simple instrument.

In either of these cases, the goal is to generate a varying harmonic current pattern, and then verify that the harmonics analyzer does process and hopefully record the data in accordance with the standard.

German EMC directive for broadband interference generated by household appliances. Thus, one can compare harmonics measurements and also identify possible resonances or system impedance power source problems which would typically cause one component of a pair to be grossly different from the other.


Whereas a half 6100-3–2 of the mains lasts for 10 millisecondsthe mains current flows with large smoothing capacitors for only 3 milliseconds. This impedance includes the internal impedance of the power source, the interconnect wiring, and the impedance box.

Make sure both loads are reasonably stable. Domestic, commercial and light industry environment Replaced by EN Application and interpretation of fundamental definitions and terms.

European Immunity to short dips in the power supply. Table 1 Power supply source requirements for IEC harmonics test systems.

EMC Information Centre – The EMC Journal (Free in the UK)

The supporting documents, IEC and IEC irc, are a little more complex yet, as they have to go into great detail concerning harmonic analysis, data processing, filtering and Laplace transfer functions, all necessary ingredients to translate electronic signals into properties that can be compared against product emission limits. A few simple rules to make sure the system is suitable are.

Those wanting to 610-3-2 a more detailed evaluation, or even perform on-site self certification of harmonics and voltage fluctuation flicker test systems, can contact either of the authors for a copy of the referenced papers which offer more detailed procedures.