In trutina mentis dubia fluctuant contraria lascivus amor et pudicitia. Sed eligo quod video, collum iugo prebeo: ad iugum tamen suave transeo. From The Heart. Album Tracklist: Lesley Garrett – Adriana Lecouvrer – Ecco Lo Son L’Umile Ancella; Lesley Garrett – Beyond The Blue Horizon; Lesley Garrett. Carmina Burana is a scenic cantata composed by Carl Orff in and , based on 24 In trutina, Latin, On the scales, soprano. Tempus est iocundum .

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In Trutina I am suspended between love and chastity, but I choose what is before me and take upon myself the sweet yoke. O music through my clay, When will you sound again? Cover of the score showing the Wheel of Fortune. This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Notice the different rendering of it in English.

Like a Latin mass, one hopes for complexity and ambiguity in something so beautiful and solitarylike the girl in the crowd with the private beauty you think you’re the only one to notice. Just thought I’d have you know. Why the subject and to whom ” Indeed, we can all choose the way of liberty regardless the worldly paths we take or who we are and to become the passionate and faithful lover of God.

Of Poetry: Carl Orff’s In Trutina

Carl-Orff-Saal of the Gasteig. Within each scene, and sometimes truitna a single movement, the wheel of fortune turns, joy turning to bitterness, and hope turning to grief. Thus, the word yoke implies two people pulling together, as two halves of a team, and in a medieval agrarian society, it would have quickly been recognized as a fairly transparent metaphor for marriage.

A ragged fringe Of daisies waved; I wasn’t alone In a grove of apples. Actually, the choice made by the narrator of the poem isn’t at all ambiguous. View my complete profile. Viewed as a single work, the ambiguity is understandable, but when viewed in context of the greater story of “Carmina Burana”, ambiguity fades. Thanks for teutina lovely tune and expression of divine love.


I’m sure the pope would not have approved, but while the Church had great power then, there were those who wore their religion lightly — even in the monasteries. Newer Post Older Post Home. It almost seems- and indeed I’d submit- that the poem was initially two three-lined stanzas or two tercets.

The content is often pretty earthy; one song features a marathon lovemaking session with Venus herself in a brothel.

From The Heart

Some of the solo arias pose bold challenges for singers: And so here we are, forced by the presence of ambiguity trutona arbitrarily choose what the poem means to us subjectively. The first and last movements of the piece are called ” Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi ” “Fortune, Empress of the World” and start with the very well known ” O Fortuna “.

Alex Ross wrote that “the music itself commits no sins simply by being and remaining popular. In Trutina In trutina mentis dubia fluctuant contraria lascivus amor et pudicitia.

The Nazi regime was at first nervous about the erotic tone of some of the poems, [7] but eventually embraced the piece. You’ve made the mistake of interpreting this poem rtutina your own perspective as the denizen of a post-industrial, 21st century cultural context which no longer has any practical experience of, nor need for yokes.

Scenic cantata by Carl Orff. Stumbled upon this while swishing this particular song in my mind for a week now having just watched a very modern performance of Carmina Burana in Budapest where there was little ambiguity by the accompanying dancers. That Carmina Burana trugina appeared in hundreds of films and television commercials is proof that it contains truhina diabolical message, indeed that it contains no message whatsoever.

In Carmina Burana, there are pieces, mostly thought to be written by students, and about half are love songs. In writing this transcription, Mas Quiles maintained the original chorus, percussion, and truttina parts.


InOrff encountered the edition of the Carmina Burana by Johann Andreas Schmellerthe original text dating mostly from the 11th or 12th century, rrutina some from the 13th century.

If we knew “what” was there before her we’d know “what” it was she chose. Which way did the young woman take? The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. Take care, and God bless. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race.

The poems were found in a monastery. A yoke is not only for pairs of oxen. Turns out that ‘Carmina Burana’ is a name that Orff borrowed from an early medieval manuscript that consisted of roughly poems and satirical stories. The baritone arias often demand high notes not commonly found in baritone repertoire, and parts of the baritone aria Dies nox et omnia are often sung in falsetto, a unique example in baritone repertoire.

Cantatas Compositions by Carl Orff compositions. Orff’s style demonstrates a desire for directness of speech and of access. Poetry must have something in it that is barbaric, vast and wild. As of Ttutina 9th, Views Read Edit View history.

Lucia Popp is divine. Orff indicates attacca markings between all the movements within each scene. It is followed by an ode to her lover’s sweetness, then a powerful and passionate hailing from said lover, and then the dramatic and ruinful O Fortuna. Far in the wood A nestling sighed; The dew loosened Its morning smells.

She says she’s trapped between love and chastity; that is, between marriage and sisterhood. This will be my funeral accompaniment, no doubt about it.

Yours is an attractive interpretation, but unfortunately when you look more closely at the sources, the theory doesn’t quite hold up.