I’ve done a layout that is mostly text in InDesign, and the printer wants an Illustrator file. Can’t seem to find a way to do a conversion from. Aug 14, Easy instructions for converting an InDesign file to a Word document. A workaround is to take your A3 indesign document and place it inside an CMD/Ctrl + D and select your A3 InDesign file and place it into the.

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But I guess if they do request the native file, they’ll have to supply the fonts themselves. Export facing pages in a spread to a single JPEG file. A big part of my exports of InDesign files to Word documents experience is linked to letterheads. I usually export indd files to eps if printer wants a vector. But I just checked on Adobe’s page and they say it’s illegal to do so with their fonts, and so I’ll assume other companies feel the same.

No disrespect for the true designers because there are some really awesome ones out there, but most people who can print a PDF have taken on the identity of designer and with so many variables that go into a PDF, a smart printer will ask for the native files upfront – be it in addition to a PDF or lone standing. That still happens today. Neither is something I would indseign as being a format for submission for publication of a anything with multiple pages or text.

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InDesign to Word: 4 Minutes tutorial – Redokun

Licenses are legally binding. I used BetterTouchTool to do it quickly. They may just want to make the PDF for their workflow by themselves, because not everybody knows how to prepare a PDF file for print.

So far, everything the OP is doing or xls possible do is wrong according to this forum. By the way, the “printer” isn’t so a much a printer as a bottle manufacturer who can print around the entire bottle. How do you transfer files from Indesign to Illustrator while preserving layers? You do not need to select anything to export a page or spread. It’s a good thing there are only 4 bfstand 5 fonts out there Not using anythinh exotic so fonts shouldn’t be a problem.

Low includes only screen-resolution versions 72 dpi of placed bitmap images in the exported file. While I normally agree with that, I have been asked to submit files to screen printers who simply only accept.

Export to JPEG format in InDesign

I’ve done a layout that is mostly text in InDesign, and the printer wants an Illustrator file. Only accepting PDFs is a very mainstream way of running a printing company.

I would swear that the license restrictions used to be different though. How to Convert Indesign to Microsoft Publisher. Can’t seem to find a way to do a conversion from InDesign to Illustrator. However, you can achieve pretty good results without much effort. Hi Aaron, the links should work. Would love to export to PNG, poslaan the Acrobat workaround might have to do the job for now.


Export to JPEG format

While rare, updated fonts may not display exactly the same from one version to the next because of bug fixes yes, fonts can be buggy and changes to some of the glyphs.

PDF is the best of both worlds. It avoids all kinds of things like the aforementioned fonts issue. This discussion is locked. Thanks for the help. This would at least not change the text design as during the transparency reduction the font information is still alive. In the A3 document inesign All” and “Copy” Go to the A4 and “Paste” Then incrementally re size all of the elements together until you get the desired size.

Don’t use a printer that can’t open a file in AI You can not ipslaan a blank message. I used to export using JPG, but the translucency indesjgn become a priority since these images will be stacked on top of other images olslaan tiles on Google Maps.

That’s their preferred workflow. If you have any other error, try saving the opslaam in a different folder with the Word 97 – Document format.

Deselect this option to export each page in a spread as a separate JPEG file. Replace the text in InDesign documents with other languages. A short guide for InDesign users who work on multilingual projects.