Interzinc B. Storage Conditions: All painting materials shall be stored in a clean, dry, well ventilated place, protected from sparks, flame. A three component, metallic, zinc rich epoxy primer which passes Slip B coefficient. Interzinc B complies with SSPC Paint 20 and contains minimum 80%. Interzinc Call for Price. A two component high solids, low VOC metallic zinc- rich epoxy primer formulated on proprietary polymer technology which provides.

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Interior chemical processing areas and swimming pools. Surfaces Not to be Painted: Submit product data including manufacturer’s technical information indicating product performance characteristics, performance and limitation criteria.

Store materials in strict accordance with manufacturers documented instructions. Clean substrate free of dust, dirt, grease or other foreign substances that would impair the bond of the coating. Submit manufacturer’s written installation instructions.

Interzinc 315B

Protect adjacent areas from over spray of coating material. Company specializing in applying the work of this section with a minimum of three 3 years documented experience and certified by the manufacturer.

Regional Materials- 20 percent extracted, intrezinc and manufactured regionally: A copy of the transport document and manufacturers conformance certificate shall be attached to the material delivery QC form. Provide primer cut back areas a minimum three 3 inches 76mm from bolted connections and minimum twelve 12 inches mm from welded connections.

Upon completion of installation, all excess material, overspray and debris must be cleared and removed from the job site.


Interzinc B – A k i r a

Delete the next paragraph if not applicable. Submit applicators current certification as a manufacturer trained and approved 31. Coordinate with Section and Contract Drawings for all Moderate Atmosphere areas of the project. Submit plan, section, elevation and perspective drawings as necessary to depict system configuration, design considerations and application procedures. Severe Atmosphere Application – Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive environments.

Interior environments with permanent condensation and pollution.

Verify that substrate and workspace temperature and humidity conditions are in accordance with requirements of this section. Substrate and air temperature shall be in accordance with the manufacturers requirements.

Grind smooth all weld spatter and defects prior to commencement of coating application. Provide a mock-up for evaluation of surface preparation techniques and application workmanship. Structural steel and framing with reference to primer receiving fire protection materials.

Temporary protection and heat shall be maintained 351 this minimum temperature for 24 hours before, during and 24 hours after material application. Pipes, ducts, conduits, hangers and supports, equipment, and equipment enclosures exposed to view in all rooms and spaces.

Interzinc 315

Provide ventilation in areas to receive work of this section during application and minimum 24 hours after application. Items specified or provided with factory finish; materials and products having factory-applied primer are not considered factory finished.

Requests for substitutions must be made 30 days prior to submittal and contain the full name of each product, descriptive literature, testing data collected from industry consensus standard testing, data on past performance, manufacturer’s instruction for use and generic type. Pipes, ducts, conduits, hangers and supports, equipment, and equipment enclosures exposed to weather or view – corrosion-resistant finish.

  A320 POH PDF

Provide masking, drop cloths or other suitable coverings to prevent overspray onto surfaces not intended to be affected by Work in this section. Store and dispose of hazardous materials, and materials contaminated by hazardous materials, in accordance with requirements of local authorities having jurisdiction.

Interzinc – A k i r a

Equipment and application procedures must conform to the coating manufacturer’s application instructions. Before proceeding with the work, the applicator will apply the primer and finish coat to a representative substrate section of square feet in size. The relative humidity of the application area shall not exceed a maximum of 85 percent for 24 hours prior, during and 24 hours after the application of the material.

Do not proceed with remaining work until workmanship, color, and sheen are approved by Architect.

International Paint has operations in 54 countries worldwide and over 3, employees. If necessary for job schedule, the General Contractor shall provide enclosures and heat to maintain proper temperatures and humidity levels in the application areas.

Commencement of application is acceptance of substrate. Submit manufacturer documentation that the fireproofing product complies with the specified contract requirements. Maintain environmental conditions temperature, humidity, and ventilation within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results.

Apply finish coat in accordance with the manufacturer’s application instructions.