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People write history with their blood so heroes and martyrs need to be acknowledged no matter what nationality they are. A fost oare parastasul lui Ianolide? War and revolution mania of redesigning the world by using unconventional weapons and mass killing, followed by the depression and economic bankruptcy.

This dramatic intersection of decomposing telluric and descending heaven makes up the living burning bush, the cradle of that golden generation of Jews. Actually Marshal Antonescu rendered passports in white to thousand of hundreds of Jewish refugees from Ardeal to cross the borders and enter what was left of Romanian territories during WWII. The American, the new Kid on the Old Block is been dragged to save other houses while his own is burning, the Jew manages to keep his own on fire, probably nostalgic after the burning bush but lacking the means of those times while he redesigns the World.

They attribute to Romanians the crimes that were perpetrated by Horthy in Ardealand acknowledge Romania among war criminals. They help the revolutions logistically and strategically—many times with arms, of course.

Ben Laden started out by being a great heroic figure first, here in America for his libratory vision that fueled some action in the former USSR I believe, with American money and help and ended up being the most wanted…terrorist intoarceera the end; same actors, two opposite visions about them, on a relatively short time span. Few days ago a person requested a report from an institution to solve a computerization problembasically the machine told the operator that the person did not pay the bill when that person actually paid it.

Yupiiiii—Now we ioqn countries, we sell people and we sell martyrs too. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It works wonders for those full of pride, for people who wait for great encounters, intooarcerea for those who hate Human freedom and Christ.


The electronic centralization of personal data makes people in the society feel more controlled than any time in history, and therefore compelled to comply to this politically correct vision, otherwise …well otherwise the Big Brother, The Group Thinkinfoarcerea Center will locate any alien vision or opinion and will quickly act to ianolidw the trouble maker. That will render a great deal of control that is not only physical—but also in spirit.

intoarcerea la hristos de ioan ianolide []

Who are these guys to judge and condemn peoples and countries, to say that we need to move in a great holistic universal coffin just for them to be happy? There are actually oil companies that do just that, they actually thrive on disasters from Redesigning Middle East today, and they literally poor gas over the fire taking great profit from misery, turmoil and death. The country was basically destroyed. This will allow for intoarcerrea for two people from totally two different places in the world to meet in an airport and share the same vision over events and factual realities.

This crisis is not from God, nor is it from faith, but rather from the freedom of the human conscience, In the past few centuries, man has profaned the world, devastated souls, encouraged sensuality and has fallen prey to the pride of materialism and atheism.

I believe that these kind intorcerea laws would better sustain a democratic society. He is sad because he sees that those who had the power loom as masters of communization of the country and the world to come.

So why this cry over spilled milk, this lamentation when mistakes from the past continue in the present? During the war, many Bolshevik terrorists coming from Jewish communities were deported to labor camps in Transnistria, not because they were Jewish but because they were violent. I would mention here the heads full of madness that perpetrated the horrendous crimes under the Pitesti Experiment after the war the Titans of the Communist Era in Romania: They promote their own interests and buy lobbies the modern terminology for local traitors in the host countries.

Ultimately the Victory and Revenge belongs to God. In Basarabia and Bucovina they perpetrated savage acts against Romanian refugees, under the protection of Sovietic Bolsheviks. Disaster is unfolding on all planes of fortitude of human life. People can exercise freedom of speech as much as they wish, but it is exactly like yelling at a brick wall, because nobody will socially accept that.


They were heroes for Romanians and heroes for hundreds of thousands of Jews they saved. Otherwise my hope would be, at least to meet with one another in the same cartoon story. The paradox anyway is that although there is so much noise and propaganda about Nazzi holocaust, people everywhere, especially here in US receive numbers like kettles and without those numbers —for social in security nobody can actually….

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

Why is this perseveration on Nazi Holocaust when there was a 50 years of Red Holocaust that killed hundreds of millions of people in the Eastern Block? They —on short terms and on long idealistic terms bring some strategic and economical gains but in reality they bring humanity on the brink of a nuclear war. Now there is a great promise—Romania will get the official emblem, the Nukes and The Number of Man — to prove her belonging to the horned House.

Many young Jews were promoted in position of power, because they, more than any other minority embraced Bolshevik mentality.

The methods used here in our country against people who are undesirable are not different from those in former communist countries. What amazes me is that this historical truth is obscured here in the US just like in former Bolshevik regimes that gripped Eastern Europe, and countries occupied by the Soviets in Asia.

He will throw him This stupid shit out from the Temple, just as he jristos with the money changers. What brought December moment to the re-designers of the new world?

I believe that Romanians had great episodes in their History when they acted just like David.