Thanks to the similarity of IntraWeb components to standard Delphi VCL components, the The core feature of the program is its ability to show a second page. I know than many of you here use Intraweb with NexusDb. My question is not related to NexusDb. What i need is to know how to show to the. Again I found the solution shortly after asking the question here.

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Adding Features to the Client. The following data can be shown in the wage data section: Elements of Database Design.

Extra Delphi Tools from Other Sources. Creating a DLL in Delphi.

Building IntraWeb Applications

The Intraweb module extends options of the wage system. Payroll system The system is a comprehensive software for wages and HR agenda processing, created for the calculation sshow all types of wages. The code below works in my old IntraWeb version unknown but not in the new one.

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OT: how to show a pdf with Intraweb ? – NexusDB Newsgroups

Extra Delphi Tools by the Author. This works like a charm! Show a web page within an IntraWeb form is there anyway to display a form instead of an external URL!?? New Delphi Language Features. We offer a solution for meal ordering with the same ID media used for registration of attendance. Create Self ; link.

Adding Constraints to the Server. You can also hide the secondary form and then display it again, to avoid re-creating it each time particularly if doing so implies losing the user’s editing operations. Many users really don’t know how to do that and will just assume that your application don’t work correctly.

If you don’t have any active form, the application will be terminated. We specialise in the development and sale of information systems for HR departments. I’m trying to recompile an old Delphi project using IntraWeb. MichaSchumann 8 The effect, though, is quite similar. Human resources The system is used for the registration of personal data of employees and applicants. Web Programming with IntraWeb. Correct Answer 10 pts. Integer; begin for i: You can create bottom-right buttons, or components in the middle of the page, with all four anchors set.


Because most of this code is generated for you, after adding data to the TUserSession class you simply use it through the UserSession function, as in the following code extracted from the IWSession example. Odd as it sounds, in an IntraWeb application, timers work almost the same as in Windows. The file exists and is located in a subfolder “Files” of the folder containing the IntraWeb application.

Here is the code for a couple of event handlers:. My current Delphi version is I would like to use the same technique with IWBootstrap but by now I have not found any way to accomplish that. This event is triggered just before the IntraWeb rendering mechanism starts rendering the form.

Nov 15, 1: In this program, the effect is to draw small green circles.