Irina HOLDEVICI, Professor, Ph.D., Bucharest University (BU): Chap. Elemente de psihoterapie, Editura AII, Bucureşti. Ionescu, G. Irina Holdevici’s 20 research works with 14 citations and reads, including: Hipnoza în psihoterapie. Irina Holdevici has expertise in Physics and Space. download PDF Carti De Psihologie Hipnoza In Psihoterapie book you are also De Inductie Hipnotica, Volumul -Hipnoza Clinica, De Irina Holdevici, Cuprinde Andrei Athanasiu – Elemente De Psihologie Medicală Andrei.

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In psychotherapy, experimental cognitive-behavioral therapy is the only kind of psychotherapy based on fundamental research of cognitive psychology and experimental psychology.

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I feel anxious, disappointed, ashamed etc. Meta-analysis studies revealed that there is a strong trend towards no difference between different psychotherapies. Psijoterapie theoretical framework for mental health promotion English Chap.

The concept of prevention as used in public health has been taken seriously in the mental health field only during the last few decades. American Behavioral Science, 28, Pectui biomedical, ci psihoterapei ‘ltoor. Age of onset is often correlated with the severity of anxiety.

For example, sometimes a high quantity of dopamine could generate hallucinations at cognitive level. The subjective level refers to self-report, namely “I feel” statements: This gave to cognitive therapy the opportunity to become in a short period of time one of the most efficient treatment for psychological and psychosomatic problems.

Preventive intervention should occur before the first onset of mental dysfunction; with early intervention, there is a greater chance of preventing disorder.

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Anxiety and Cognitive Science perspective 75 Chap. The model suggests that the likelihood of an individual engaging in a particular action e. Cognitive, psihkterapie and physiological determinants of emotion state, Psychological Review, 63, It generally involves population-wide approaches, fostering the development of personal competencies in both healthy and “at-risk” individuals e.

The second source of influence is the individuals’ perceptions of what the important others will think of their behaving in certain ways. In this way cognitive-behavioral therapy has emerged. Anxiety is typically associated with many different risk factors, rather then a single risk factor Sims and Snaith, Another important psihoterappie of social learning theory for health promotion is that individuals can learn behaviors and their outcomes through observation of others vicarious learning.

On the other hand, scientists and their research often lack pragmatism, little knowledge dr their research being effective and available for use in clinical practice. Primary prevention refers pxihoterapie intervention before the onset of anxiety disorder. For example, marital discord has been found to precede both anxiety in children and depression among women.

This, in turn, is also a prerequisite for the change of maladaptive coping mechanisms, cognitions, and interaction with the environment by patient himself. It is very important to make modifications at all levels if possibleotherwise our intervention will be efficient only for a short period of time because the unmodified levels will remain as a ekemente for other distress states, in other situations.

Protective factors interact with the risk factors to buffer their effects, disrupt the mediational chain through which the risk factors operate to cause anxiety.

In others words, the same cognitive, behavioral and biological modifications could be either causes or coping mechanisms depending on a subjective state, w hich they are connected to. In case of psychological etiology e. As a result of the new ftndings, many governments from different countries shifted away the emphasis from treatment to prevention of illness I Health Promotion ‘s and ultimately to promotion eleente health.


To achieve the goals of health promotion and disease prevention, the holdevic public health science must involve a partnership between various professionals, between bodies of knowledge and practices from different disciplines.

Dynamic assessment of hypnotizability English Chap.

Irina Holdevici

Social Learning Theory, New York: In case of positive or negative subjective states, the subject tries to irija with them. Of course, coping mechanisms become the cause for another subjective state which in turn will determine other coping mechanisms.

Ideally, in prevention science there is a complementary interplay of science and practice. In psychotherapy, the cognitive revolution that took place in the 60’s, has imposed the cognitive paradigm as one itina the most privileged scientific paradigm in nowadays’ psychological research.

Diffusion theory Rogers, moves from the primarily intraindividual processes involved in the previous models to consider a more societal model of change.

The term psychotherapy can be found in the scientific literature with the following two meanings.