College or University, Accepts IGETC and CSU GE. Alliant International University, Yes. Arizona State University, Yes. Azusa Pacific University, Yes. DIRECTIONS: Identify courses taken at IVC; list courses taken at other colleges; and/or indicate name of test and score (AP). All courses must be completed with. Click here to learn more about IGETC for UC. Choose a California Community College to see course articulation information related to this major at this and.

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Once course s is complete, please request an official transcript be sent to the Enrollment Services Office here at CBU. Associate of Science in a Specific Program Only courses with course numbers may.

Even some students at California community colleges More information. Finally, these courses should help students integrate the methods and concerns of the empirical sciences with technology and their applications in our daily lives. A minimum of 60 units of credit.

Students must file their application for graduation by March 24,to participate in the May commencement ceremony. Only coursework completed with a grade of C— or better will be accepted in transfer. Within these units, no more than 30 upper division units may be transferred; no more than 70 units may be transferred from a community college.


I don’t recommend buying the books, as most of the essays you read can be found online. Search Search Button Search. IGETC Certification represents only a portion of the 60 total units that students must complete before transferring.

Los Angeles Mission College. Hands down one of the best writing professors ever. One of the best instructors I’ve ever had. Students interested in Career Programs who also plan. The online program is for students who have completed the first 60 credits through IVC and who will complete their degree taking 60 credits in online coursework offered through the College of Business at UCCS.


These courses should require that students comprehend and converse in another language as well as gain insight into the daily life and culture of the peoples whose language they are studying.

Catalog Associate Degree Requirements Associate Degree Requirements The awarding of an associate degree symbolizes the colleges s successful attempt to lead students through learning experiences More information.

These courses should provide instruction in the fundamental principles of the scientific method and the subsequent body of knowledge accumulated through its proper application data collection, synthesis, and analysis.

General Education and Major Requirements Students are urged to consult an IVC counselor for assistance in forming an educational plan prior to choosing one of the following options.

Central to these courses is the meaning of the human condition.

The college offers students seeking the Associate in Arts AA degree the choice of 37 different majors. And you should do well. Degree Program Requirements Degree Program Requirements Admission to the University s degree programs is determined by application to the academic unit offering the degree.

He was a really cool guy. Submitted data becomes the property of RateMyProfessors. Associate Degree for Transfer Requirements. No specific course Score of If students intend to transfer into a major that requires extensive lowerdivision preparation, such as engineering or the physical and natural sciences, they should concentrate on completing the many prerequisites for the major that the college screens for to determine eligibility for admission see IGETC Exceptions, next column.

Transfer students with a minimum 2. Start display at page:. At least 3 units must be from the Arts and 3 units from the Humanities.

About This Page This page displays information about the major you selected and helps you identify the community colleges where you can fulfill major preparation requirements. Writing 1 is the first transfer-level composition course. In California students More information.


A minimum grade point average of 2.

University Majors

When official scores have been received from the College Board, applicants will be notified of the advanced placement and course credit in accordance with the following table. He is not an ogetc teacher. Athletes who plan to enroll concurrently at California Baptist University and another insitution, should submit an Athlete Concurrent Enrollment Notification form.

Make sure you use proper grammar! Students who are paralleling the work. Certification will be provided only for students who have completed a minimum of 12 units at Irvine Valley College. If you take him don’t drop the first day of class! Transfer Course Approval Forms are provided for current CBU undergraduate students seeking to take transfer work at another institution in a future semester and wanting assurance of transferability.

In addition to uvc intrinsic value, these courses also train students in quantitative skills that are essential to many other disciplines.

Major Requirements A student must complete at least 18 semester units of study from a single discipline or related disciplines. Course Integrity and Breadth The course exposes the.

Community College Credit Transfer Articulation Agreements

Essays are long but he isn’t a tough grader. At UCSD, all majors are available to students in each uvc, so students who choose the IGETC will not be restricted in their choice of major, unless the major is impacted.

Generally speaking, courses may transfer to LMU in three ways: Students must complete the entire IGETC before transferring consult a college counselor for clarification. If you use an ad blocker, we’re not getting that revenue igrtc helps keep RateMyProfessors. What can I say, Professor Ali is particularly awesome.