Source for information on Brafman, Jacob: Encyclopaedia Judaica dictionary. Brafman attacked the Jewish communal organization (kahal) in Russian. Iakov Brafman was born to a poor Jewish family, grew up almost uneducated and rebellious, and clashed with the kahal (the Jewish self-governing community). It is divided into four parts: (1) The transactions of the ḳahal of Minsk (“ḳahal,” derived from the Hebrew = “community,” assumed in Russian the significance of .

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The authenticity of all the documents is thoroughly established; the documents published herewith cover the period from to Brafman expanded and published both books in a two-volume edition, Kniga kagala: Brafman also took aim at the Talmudclaiming that the Jews, using Talmudic principles, would brafmabn adherents of other religions from trade and industry and themselves accumulate all capital and landed property.

He was a leading polemicist against the kahal the communal Jewish theocratic government in Brfamann and the Talmud. Petersburg in connection with the report, and was subsequently May 13, appointed professor of Hebrew at the Minsk seminary. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

A second, enlarged two-volume edition was published in ; the first volume, containing essays on Jews and Jewish customs, was brafmanh posthumously with an introduction by Brafman’s son Brafman published his findings as The Book of the Kahal: Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

File:Jacob Brafmann Das Buch vom Kahal Zweiter – Wikimedia Commons

Brafman’s works chimed well with the Slavophiles then active in Russia and the political theory of Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationalitywhich sought to distance Russian civilisation from French and British liberalism. I submitted these documents together with my recommendations to Gov. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Retrieved from ” https: The impression made by his book is evidence of the extent to which autonomous Jewish community life was alien to modern centralistic political ideas, ideals, and modes of relationship between individuals and the state.

Materials for the Study of the Jewish Life I was also charged with finding a means for overcoming the obstacles to conversion to Jaacob set up by the Jews The documents also prove that the Kahal and the beth-din are not bound to judge according to Jewish law, but may hand down personal decisions as they please-Thus, by secret acts, the Jews brfamann their Christian competitors and acquire brafmqnn controlling share of the capital and real estate of the country.


Russia portal Braffmann portal. Our translation, somewhat abbreviated.

Brafman worked on studying Jewish community books brxfmann the kahal from Minsk from the years andwith his own commentary added to try and prove his thesis; at the same time the Rabbinical Seminary of Vilna was providing their own Russian translation. Jouin, Les Sources de VimpM- alisme juif: On the important question, whether the law of the land is binding on the Jews, the comments in the Talmud are evasive, but the documents here listed under Nos.

According to him, the kahal utilized the ethics of the Talmud to secretly control East European Jews and indoctrinate them in unconditional obedience to ruling Jewish authorities; he also claimed that Jews jjacob taught to hate Russian society. His father was a rabbi. Nicholas saw “use” in bourgeois Jews who were willing to assimilate into Russian society and could be utilised in academic and agricultural professions, while seeing as “useless” the poorer adherents of Orthodox Judaism who lived in the shtetls and kept themselves apart from wider society.

He published a series of articles entitled “Yevreiskiya Bratstva v Gorodakh Zapadnoi Rossii,” in which he endeavored to convince the reader that there existed in every town of western Russia a Jewish confraternity having for its object the acquisition and exploitation of power over the non-Jews, and possessing unlimited means to carry out this object “Wilenski Vyestnik,”Nos. To back up his claim that West European Jewish institutions were plotting the destruction of Russian Orthodoxy, Brafman focused on the kahalthe quintessential East European communal entity that was legally abolished in Imperial Russia’s Jewish Question, Despite being under age, local agents of the kahal the communal Jewish government ran by rabbis in the Pale, which dealt with taxation and conscriptionplaced Brafman on a list of barfmann for the Imperial Russian Army.

Klier, John Doyle One of the main problems with Brafman’s thesis was that the kahal system itself in the Russian Empire had been dissolved under Nicholas I in He became embittered by his experiences, and conceived a hatred for the Jewish community and its institutions.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Anticipating a conversion en masse nacob the Jews of Minsk, the press investigated the reasons for such an unexpected triumph of Christianity among the Jews.

After having tried many professions, among them photography, tuition, and commerce, he embraced Christianity. As a relatively successful Christian missionary in charge of converting Jews, Brafman was promoted to be a Hebrew instructor at the Minsk Ecclesiastical Seminary. The Jews had lived in the town since the 16th century, when it was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthbut had in Brafman’s father’s lifetime become part of the Russian Empire following the Second Partition of Poland.


Brafman, Iakov Aleksandrovich

Some time after, by order of the holy synod April 29,I was called to St. Find more information about at the Center for Jewish History: Vsemirnyi evreiskii vopros The Book of the Kahal: By using this site, jacb agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Materialy dlia izuchenia evreiskogo byta The Book jacpb the Kahal: Brafman, who had his own personal conflict with the oahal as a young man, argued that the kahal existed as a tyranny against individual Jews, while also being a system which enabled the exploitation of their non-Jewish neighbours.

To facilitate their study, they have been arranged in seventeen categories, each preceded by a short explanation on the laws and customs referred to, and indicating their real aim and influence on the Jews and on the gentiles.

Brafman’s other major work, The Local and Universal Jewish Brotherhoodstook aim at international Jewish organisations, particularly those based in France. Brafman joined the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in and became a respected figure in academia. My task was facilitated by the co-operation of several enlightened Jews4. The documents, which Brafmann claimed to have found in the archives of the board of education of Wilna, extended from to Although Brafman was accused of forgery, in fact his book was a fairly accurate translation of the documents.

Khodasevich — was Brafman’s grandson. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. One of Brafman’s great-grandchildren was Vladislav Khodasevichthe Russian literary critic. Brafman’s writing was sent to St. Materials for the Study of the Jewish Lifea collection combining forged, misrepresented, and misinterpreted Hebrew documents allegedly taken from Minsk kahal registers of the late eighteenth to early nineteenth century.

Ginsburg, Meshumodim in Tsarishn Rusland65—79; S. This material included over a thousand acts of the Jewish Kahal civil administrationand of the beth-dins Talmudic law courtsshowing the power and extent of their secret government. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.