In the 8th century BC, India could be broadly understood in terms of five large regions viz. Madhyadesa (the middle country), Pratichya (western lands), Prachya. By the 6th century B.C. there were approximately 22 different Janapadas. The key points related to the Janapadas and the Mahajanapadas are. PDF | On Jan 1, , Karam Tej Sarao and others published Janapadas, Mahājanapadas, Kingdoms, and Republics.

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The wool of the An is referred to in the Rigveda. Interpretations of Ancient Indian Polity: Two of them were most probably ganatantras republics and others had forms of monarchy. Scholars Marija Gimbutas J. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Avanti was an important centre of Buddhism and some of the leading theras and theris were born and resided there.

Its later capital was Taksashila Prakrit for Xnd. The Voice of Anga Desh”. At one time, Assaka included Mulaka and abutted Avanti.

Delhi Sultanatec. China was znd as a kingdom known as Cina, often grouped with Mleccha kingdoms. The country of the Avantis was an important kingdom of western India and was one of the four great monarchies in India in the post era of Mahavira and Buddha, the other three being KosalaVatsa and Magadha.


A branch of Matsya is also found in later days in the Vizagapatam region. According to the Buddhist text Sumangavilasini, [52] the people of Kururashtra the Kurus came from the Uttarakuru.


The country was divided into Uttara-Panchala and Dakshina-Panchala. Late medieval period — Delhi Sultanate. Raghuvansha-Ikshvakuvansha was the longest continuous dynasty; Lord Rama was a king in this dynasty. Neolithic 10,— BC Bhirrana Culture. manapadas

Janapada – Wikipedia

It had a monarchical form of government with its capital at Kausambi identified with the village Kosam, 38 miles from Allahabad.

According to one group of scholars, the Gandharas and Kambojas were cognate people.

The location of the capital city, Suktimatihas not been established with certainty. Tribes and kingdoms mentioned in the Mahabharata. There were also two other political bodies: Ancient Kamboja is known to have comprised regions on either side of the Hindukush. Originally a monarchical clanthe Panchals appear to have switched to republican corporation in the 6th and 5th centuries BCE. Archaeologically, this period corresponds in part to the Northern Black Polished Ware culture.

Periods of Sri Lanka.

The existence of Paura and Janapada itself is a controversial matter. Similarly, the Yadava clan of kings formed numerous kingdoms in Central India.

Janapadas and Mahajanapadas

The original Kamboja was located in eastern Oxus country as neighbor to Bahlika, but with time, some clans of the Kambojas appear to have crossed the Hindukush and planted colonies on its southern side also. Iron Age — BC. It had the river Ganges for its southern, the mahhajanapadas Gandak Narayani for its eastern, and the Himalaya mountains for its northern boundary. This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat He omits the nations from Uttarapatha like the Kamboja and Gandhara.


Language, Material Culture and Ethnicity, p. List of Rigvedic tribes. The capital city of Pataliputra was bound in the north by the river Ganges, in the east by the river Champa, in the south by the Vindhya mountains and in the west by the river Sona.

The Matsyas had not much political importance of their own during the time of Buddha. Early medieval Chalukya Dynastyc. Several jataka anf bear witness to the superiority of its capital over other cities in India and speak highly of its prosperity and opulence. Mughal Dynastyc. Misra theorizes that these smaller janas were conquered by and assimilated into the larger janas. He was very powerful, warlike and fond of hunting.

Madrasian Culture Soanian Culture.