Commercial Name Juan fernandes rock lobster. Type and species. Jasus frontalis. Area catch. Pacific Ocean South-East / FAO Catch method. Wild Caught. It has a maximum body length of 48 cm (male) and 46 cm (female); and carapace lengths of 22 cm (male) and 19 cm (female); Reports of total body lengths of ABSTRACT. This study identified and quantified in the field the natural predators of juvenile spiny lobster Jasus frontalis, an endemic, ecologically relevant.

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Although there is some migration to deeper waters from the end of September onwards, the species never disappears completely from the coast.

Food Security Food security products are marketed to meet the criteria of process hygiene and food safety established by Reg. First abdominal somite without any squamiform sculpturation.

The range of the species is restricted to: You can continue searching for Jasus frontalis on one of these Web sites:. Investigaciones Marinas, Valparaiso, 5 1: Experimental work on reproduction and development in captivity of this species is being conducted in Chile.

Langosta de Juan fernandez (Jasus frontalis), Isla Alejandro Selkirk

Investigaciones Marinas, Valparaiso, 2 5: Sono circa 30 le referenze disponibili nella lista dei crostacei vivi. Results Norwegian scientific Expedition to Tristan da Cunha, Posterior half of abdominal somites behind transverse groove without squamiform structures.


Reports of total body lengths of cm have to be considered with much reserve. Eggs spawned between August and November and carried for about 11 months. In January, the migration back to shallow waters starts.

Royal spiny lobster Palinurus elephas Pink spiny lobster Palinurus mauritanicus Atlantic pink jssus lobster Palinurus charlestoni Cape rock lobster Jasus lalandij Juan fernandes rock lobster Jasus frontalis Pink spiny lobster Palinurus delagoae Pink spiny lobster Palinurus gilchristi California spiny lobster Palinurus interruptus Red rock lobster Jasus edwardsi. Palinurus elephas – Palinurus mauritanicus – Jasus lalandij – Jasus frontalis – Palinurus delagoae – Palinurus gilchristi – Palinurus interruptus – Jasus edwardsi – Homarus gammarus – Homarus americanus – Scyllarides latus – Scyllarides mauritanicus – Nephorps norvegicus – Paralithodes camtschaticus – Cancer magister – Cancer pagurus – Maja squinado – Penaeus japonicus – Astacus astacus.

Challenger during the years Revista Chilena Historia natural, 2: A species inhabiting a rocky and partly sandy environment at depths of 2 to m. Inthe main gear for catching the lobsters were lobster pots and they perhaps still are. Palinostus frontalis Bate, By the end of the 19th jaasus, canning lobster tails was tried without too much success; canned and live lobsters were then exported to Chile.


SDV | CRAWFISH AUSTRAL (CHILE) – Jasus frontalis

Scientific synonyms and common names Jasus Jasus frontalis H. Saggio sulla storia naturale del Chili, 1: Evidently, most lobsters are exported live to the mainland.

Lobsters – Identification, world distribution, and U. Marine Lobsters of the World L. The food consists of algae, smaller and larger molluscs and frrontalis, and dead animal matter of any kind.

Type material in MPno longer extant not found in Protective measures frontalid in force and well adhered to: You can continue searching for Jasus frontalis on one of these Web sites: Report scientific Results Voyage Challenger, Zool Milne Edwards, Synonyms: By this simple method many thousands are taken annually, and the tails which are in high estimation, dried and sent to Chili” Albert The species is predated by various fishes.

Evidently, the intensity of fishing drove the species to deeper water, and the easy method of frontzlis them by hand was replaced by lobster pots.

The fishery is of the greatest importance in the Archipelago and gives employment to a large part of the population.