As we inch closer to this weekend’s Final Four, you will hear many descriptions of the participating teams. You will read all about Florida’s ESPN basketball analyst and former Duke player Jay Bilas looks at the true meaning of toughness in this New York Times bestselling book that features stories. This article recently surfaced by a coach at JSK Athletx. I came across it and thought it was definitely worth posting here. This should be ready.

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They should be playing so hard that bbilas coach has to take them out so that they can rest before putting them back in the game. When I Spoke in Tongues. A Writer of Our Time. The point guard is emotional and hard to figure out, but Pitino started him in the second half against UNLV on blind faith alone, and started the enigmatic guard against Kentucky. It is just an odd quirk in the rules, and if a player grabs the net and is able to get the ball hilas without actually touching it, it would be a legal play.

In addition, if a player slaps the backboard and vibrates the ball out of the basket, the only remedy is for the official to call a technical foul, but not basket interference. According to Rule 4, Section 5, basket interference occurs only when the ball is actually touched in the ring or the cylinder which extends from the ring to the ceilingor if the ring is pulled down and makes contact with the ball before it returns to its original position.

Without bilass, they can give up before they even start the fight. I agree with the toughness concept. No matter what situation these soldiers were presented with, they were expected to use all their resources to adapt to the circumstance and overcome all obstacles. It is far more than that.


I love this quote because you can almost take out the jat tough and leave a blank space and it still works. Maestros and Their Music.

Bioas it Forward Read it first. Which category applies to you? The response I received was overwhelming. We all might have visions of something different when asked to picture toughness. Here in North Little Rock Arkansas Lakewood Elementary we have made quantum leaps and I have always directed new coaches to use your site. His definition of toughness is probably vastly different from a lot of your players.

There can be a fine line between tough and dirty, but I fear Gosselin is treading too close to that line. The Wildcats are very good defensively, solid on the glass, efficient shooters and have two bona fide stars in Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson. Another very important thing in acquiring these traits is giving full effort all the time. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I will be moving up next year to middle school but breakthrough basketball will be in our pockets.

Jay Bilas “TOUGHNESS” by on Prezi

The biggest role in becoming tough is having a tough attitude and this stems from the ideas Bilas lists such as body language and thinking about the team first. How does one define toughness in basketball? Everything All at Once. Blood of the Liberals.

Failure is a part of competing, and embracing that fact is an important component of toughness. Mar 05, Pages. This site uses cookies. This is the motto of Camp Arifjan. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising tougghness, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

Or at least, throw me. How often do we hear that in sports and life? It may not be what you think…. That’s why I put him as one of my five preseason first team All-Americans. You can click on the pdf below to read the entire article.


There isn’t a tougher or more efficient player in the country than Patterson. At the end of regulation of the Gonzaga-Tennessee game, Matt Bouldin drove the lane and shot tougness contested layup over Tennessee defenders.

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Toughness isn’t just about being physical. Well, the rule has changed. You are commenting using your WordPress. You cannot believe it is hopeless, because if you do this, it is. This article recently surfaced by a coach at JSK Athletx. By talking on the defensive end, your players let their teammates know that they are there, and it makes everybody on the floor a better defender.

There is an incredible amount of wit and wisdom in these pages, thanks to the dedication, hard work, and—yes—toughness Jay Bilas demonstrated by talking to all of these people.

Toughness Quotes

Patterson is a horse. Bilas begins his book with this quote from the late Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser. Jay Bilas take this intangible concept and gives it concrete meaning. I am in my third year of coaching graders and toughnss never had such a rewarding experience or so much fun. Maybe you picture a body builder, an old truck or a cheap steak. Want to Read saving…. He is a winner and a terrific all-around point guard.

One other term you will commonly hear this week is toughness. Jay Bilas has talked about toughness for many years. Dayton is holding teams toughnesss 35 percent shooting and just 55 points per game.