JIS K Test Methods for Flexible Polyurethane Foam. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Determination of physical properties – Part 4: Compression set and fatigue characteristics. JIS K Flexible cellular polymeric materials – Determination of physical properties – Part 1: General rules.

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In this paper, we propose an analytical model for use in evaluating the performance of insulation against floor impact sound. This is succeeding model of AF Series ,6400 had many delivery result to car industries, seat manufacturers, raw materials manufacturers and public enterprises etc.

And finer cell diameter, cell by giving viscous effects associated with out of the air, the higher the vibration absorption of the polyurethane foam.

AF has steadily accumulated many good result with introduction to main manufacturing site for the purpose of “Hardness testing for foam” for long time. Available for data communication with PC by Ethernet m6400. Hardness indentation technique and stress-strain characteristics in compression.

WOA1 – Polyurethane foam and seat pad – Google Patents

A weight average molecular weight of 4, to 10, a weight average molecular weight per functional group is 1, to 4, of the polyol, according to any one of claims 1 to 5, which is a polyether polyol polyurethane foam. Crosslinking agent, there can be used those commonly used as those for the polyurethane foam moldings, such as ethylene oxide-terminated crosslinking agent, it is possible to use propylene oxide terminated crosslinking agent.

For this reason, it is required to further reduce the thickness of the seat pad. Next, the present invention embodiment will be described in more detail, the present invention is not intended to be limited by these examples.

By continuing to use our site, you accept our cookie policy. AF Series is Automatic Hardness Tester for flexible urethane foams to be used for cushion materials in such products as car seat, furniture, and bedding, and for other kind of plastic foam.



Foaming stock solution, polyurethane foam according to claim 1 comprising a dimethylpolysiloxane. Rebound resilience polyurethane foam, the resonance frequency and the vibration magnification, the density of the polyurethane foam, closed cell content, cell size, they tend to depend on the hardness and the like. The polymer polyol is not particularly limited, it is possible to use general polymer polyols as polyurethane foam molding.

The entire density overall density The density of the polyurethane foam, JIS K form overall apparent density was measured according to unit: Concrete, Asphalt and Rock.

Urethane Foam Tester

Therefore, when water is used as a blowing agent, crosslinking reaction occurs preferentially by the cross-linking agent having an ethylene oxide group, compared with the case of using a propylene oxide end crosslinker, urethane bonds are rapidly formed, early urethane it is possible to obtain a bond. JIS-S This tester is for evaluating the strength and durability of furniture such as chairs or stools.

EP Kind code of ref document: By polyol component comprises a polymer polyol, water can be prevented from deterioration of impact resilience and hardness when k64400 as blowing agents.

The new tester meets jiss standards specified in the JIS K Hardness Test A and B requirements, in addition to those of conventional hardness and deflection tests standards.

Setting of the measuring requirements and indication of the measuring data are in accordance with International Jks System SI. The content of the polymer polyol in the polyol component, the polyol relative to parts by weight of the component is preferably parts by weight, more preferably 10 to 35 mass parts. Bluehill LE for Basic Testing.

Z, Z, Z This tester is used to evaluate the compressive strength of ring shaped paper board according to the ring crush method. Features For the load mechanism servo motor and ball screw jack are employed. We can comply with your demand for special sequence with addition and improvement of outer control PC software and program for inside part of tester.


The present invention pertains to a polyurethane foam which is obtained by foaming and molding a foamable raw liquid that comprises a polyol ingredient and a polyisocyanate ingredient. Jsi example, for the purpose of the JPthe cushion feeling is good, there is no bottoming feel, to easily manufacture a seat cushion which can be achieved savings weight and space by thinning, poly polyether polyols, polymer polyols, using a silicone foam stabilizer, and a defoaming agent in the specified amounts, it is disclosed that the production of the seat cushion from polyurethane foam.

The evaluation results are shown in Table 1. Jid characteristics can be obtained by using a specific amount of k64000 specific polyol, foaming stock solution that used in a manner to be described below the type ijs amount of the various components may optionally include, obtaining a polyurethane foam better properties be able to.

Therefore, the high resilience and high vibration absorption was characteristic of antinomy. Resilience polyurethane foam has a weight average molecular weight of the various polyol contained in the polyol component, depending on the length or the like of the molecular chain, for example, it tends to be higher the impact resilience is high molecular weight. We can comply with your demand for special sequence with addition and improvement of outer control PC software and program for inside part of tester.

By changing the jig optionthe tester enables to conduct adhesive power test of cardboard, flat surface compression test, and vertical compression test. On the other hand, the seat pad for a vehicle, to determine his comfort of such comfortable feeling, is also high resilience requirements. The details of the components shown in Table 1 are as follows.