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It was a book on art theory written by Johannes Itten, Documents. Mizukoshis teaching methods were similar to those of Yi Jing, a Japanese painter described in Georg Muches Blick punkt. We offer training to build the energy for simplicity of the mind and spiritual concentration.

Johannes Itten – L’Art de la

This Japanese instructor may actually be Yumeji. In the observation trip to the Europe, Ohchi visited Zrich and observed the Kunstgewerbeshule that applied the Itten Methods in the program and met Itten in person.

It is highly likely that the two people may be the same individual [6]. Various line effects; contrasting lines; lines representing emotions; lines clarifying internal impulses; comparing Japanese and western art; effects of a blank space; the Japanese idea of beauty and relationship of Japanese painting, who dislike repetition and desire for something never to be found elsewhere; for example, tea ceremonies and Haiku-poetry, hanging scrolls.

Before returning to Japan, Sasagawa bought a book recommended by Itten. This book described art education at the Bauhaus in detail, based on the reports of the students, Yamawakis and Mizutani who studied at the Bauhaus.


Johannes Itten – L’Art de la Couleur.pdf

This Japanese teacher drew it in two minutes with a brush. Nobody would believe it, it is a flower, ittten further wrote, He is a small and slender man who wears glasses.

As part of the research on the Bauhaus, I have clarified and publicized some papers on the contact point between the Itten-Schule and Japan. Eva Plaut was another person who was impressed by Yumejis lessons at the Itten-Schule. The spiritual teaching of mastering from the mind to the hand, gave a striking impression on Itten. Ittens interests and aspirations towards Japan and Asia were not of impermanent nature but of a life long endeavor that lasted to his old z.

Johannes Itten – A Sznek Mvszete

The book described Ittens principles of the contrast of light and dark and theories of colors in detail. Bijutsuka-Kyouikugakkaishi, Bijutsukyouikugaku, 22, I contacted her directly and confirmed them to be the facts. The two attended the National Arts and Crafts School in Prague and gathered prospectuses of many arts and crafts schools in Germany such as those in Frankfurt, Munich, and Halle with the intention to study further.

Johannes Ittens Design Education and Japan It is not overstating for us to conclude that we can take the Itten Methods as the familiar design educational methods in Japan today, thanks to the efforts of the pioneers who actively sought for the educational exchange with Itten.

From Mizukoshi, Itten earnestly studied Nanga and learned to grasp the essentiality of objects and to express them in symbolism.


Japan, Sasagawa bought a book recommended by Itten. Thus, the school had a close relation with the Bauhaus people [2].


Johannes Itten Itten: Goethe, Chevreul, Munsell, Itten, and Itten Johannes the Elements of Color Documents. They said that Ittens teaching was unique in a sense that it reflected east-west philosophies and spirituality. The exchange of Itten and the Japanese people can be said to have played an important role in the following two aspects: He developed his thinking and came to the conclusion that Japanese Zen spirituality was useful in human szmek through arts.

Would you send me select good brushes? The details regarding the Itten-Schule education that Yamamuro and Sasagawa received from Itten were revealed in the following treatise: He developed the Itten Methods further and taught them to his students in some Universities. In the letter, he requested, I have a favor to ask mvszzete both of you.

This element was added to the basic education after Shounan MizukoshiJapanese artistvisited the Itten-Schule. Pdf johannes itten – johannss itten Pdf johannes itten Later, when Itten asked Yamamuro to recommend a good English book on Sumi-ink painting, she sent him Kaishien-gaden Jieziyuan Huazhuan with the help of Kenji Yoshioka, an artist in Japanese painting [26].