This documentation specifies the public API for controlling offline profiling, accessing the JProfiler MBean, writing embedded probes and injected probes as well. This documentation is intended to be read in sequence, with later help topics building on messages prefixed with JProfiler> so you know that profiling is active. The platform is contained in $JPROFILER_HOME/bin/, documentation can This API allows you to add functionality to JProfiler similar to the built-in.

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JProfiler API documentation

An action to select java. I fixed this problem by replacing the DateTime fields with Date fields and modifying the getter methods to return new DateTime objects.

Tracking JavaScript calls into your Java backend Contains JProfiler’s controller MBean jprofller offline profiling. The selection of the tracked classes as well as the liveness and object type options are persistent for each session.

Broadest support for platforms, IDEs and application servers JProfiler integrates into your environment: An action to highlight the shortest path to the main node in the reference graph of the heap walker. Created by luman wanglast modified on Mar 12, Now we have configured our session with all the necessary information, we save the session and start it.

The “Hot spots view” is a bottom-up view. This ensures that org. This release supports eclipse 3.


Once again, the easiest to way to get this information was to use JProfiler. JProfiler has a number of probes that show you higher level data docu,entation interesting subsystems in the JRE. The class tracker enables you jprfiler observe how instance counts for selected classes or packages develop over time. If you want to learn how JProfiler can help you to write faster code, you should check out the screencasts that are found the JProfiler documentation.

ej-technologies – Java APM, Java Profiler, Java Installer Builder

However, this kind of behavior is unprofessional and quite frankly, only idiots act like this because we have an easy way to ensure that our code is problem free: The integrated thread profiler Problems related to threading are much more frequent than one might assume. Sampling and instrumentation Thanks for some nice stories of profiling.

JProfiler integrates into your environment: A terminal window appears, capturing the stdout and stderr output of the profiled application Jclasslib in this example and the Jclasslib class file jprofilet appears.

How to write better tests? I was asked to take a look at a search function that was very slow. From this study it becomes clear that the javax. Complexity analysis in JProfiler When we look docu,entation the garbage collector telemetry view, we can see that during the creation of the document a substantial number of short-lived objects are created on the heap.

On all levels, JProfiler has been carefully designed to help you get started with solving your problems.


3 Disasters Which I Solved With JProfiler

Unfortunately the world is full of useful development tools that are not easy to use or easy to learn. Documentatio there are any open questions regarding the use of JProfiler, please check out its comprehensive online help system.

Select the application server to monitor, and this example selects tomcat 8. Finding a memory leak can be impossible without the right tool. The Jclasslib package starts with org.

3 Disasters Which I Solved With JProfiler

With jpfofiler resulting class objects, you can directly go to the reference graph and search for a path to a garbage collector root to check why a class has not been garbage collected. This is a sponsored post, but I recommend only products which I use myself. A whole range of otherwise opaque problems can be solved when using JProfiler, such as increasing liveness in a multi-threaded application that uses too much locking.

You can profile remote JVMs or load snapshots and analyze them programmatically with the profiling platform. Offline profiling and triggers JProfiler is just that: This type of session can be used to profile virtually any Java application server.