Dive deep into Karl Jaspers’ Reason and Existenz with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. “With the publication of Reason and Existenz, originally delivered as a series of five lectures at the University of Groningen in , one of the most important of. Reason and Existenz: Karl Jaspers: Conflict with the Nazi authorities: entitled Vernunft und Existenz (Reason and Existenz, ), appeared; in a book.

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Reason and Existenz

He became a philosopher, in Germany and Europe. Neo-Kantianism early [1] Existentialism late Existential phenomenology [2] late. However, he was clearly sympathetic to Schelling’s critique of formal epistemological negativism.

Despite his importance in the evolution of both philosophy and political theory in twentieth-century Germany, today Jaspers is to a large extent a neglected thinker. The second continues the complexity and has the very best thoughts of the whole.

Thornhill, Chris,Karl Jaspers: Jaspers graduated from medical school in and began work at a psychiatric hospital in Heidelberg where Emil Kraepelin had worked some years earlier. University of Pennsylvania Press, This work is considered as a transitional work, in which his psychological method was clearly shaped by philosophical influences and objectives, and was already evolving into a consistent philosophical doctrine and acquiring some of the main issues that were to be explored later within his philosophy of existence.

The later work presents the university as a free community of scholars and students engaged in the task of seeking truth.

Jonny Sabath rated it really liked it Apr 22, Jaspers responded to reqson characterization of Germany by claiming that societies which undermine the cultural role of the bourgeois elite are inherently unstable, and that the educated bourgeoisie has a primary role to play in upholding the preconditions of democratic culture. The Political Theory of Global Citizenship.

Karl Jaspers

Jaspers also distinguished between primary and secondary delusions. The post later became permanent, and Jaspers never returned to clinical practice. University Press of America. Limit situations are moments, usually accompanied by experiences of dread, guilt or acute anxiety, in which the human mind confronts the restrictions and pathological narrowness of its existing forms, and allows itself to abandon the securities of its limitedness, and so to enter new realm of self-consciousness.


Die Geistige Situation der ZeitBerlin: It concerns itself with a general statement of the principal philosophic categories which have given uniqueness to Jaspers’s thinking: He believed that by means of devoting oneself to philosophy, individuals do not cognize objects but explicate and actualize their being as thinkers and thus become themselves.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. At the time when Bultmann first proposed this de-mythologizing approach Jaspers was widely although erroneously identified with the liberal wing of Protestant existnz, and it was perhaps expected that he might declare sympathy for Bultmann’s hermeneutical approach.

ISBN In production. Wherever this cipher is hypostatically defined as mere positive fact of belief, he concluded however, the freedom of transcendence obtained through the sympathetic interpretation and recuperation of this cipher is obstructed.

Reason and Existenz by Karl Jaspers

Nietzsche gained importance for me only late as the magnificent revelation of nihilism and the task of overcoming it. Christians – – Journal of Mass Media Ethics 23 1: In this, he transposed the dialectical process through which Hegel accounted for the overcoming of cognitive antinomies in the emergence of self-consciousness into an analysis of cognitive formation which sees the resolution of reason’s antinomies as effected through vital experiences, decisive acts of self-confrontation, or communicative transcendence.

Karl Theodor Jaspers was born on 23 rd February in the North German town of Oldenburg near the North Sea, where his ancestors had lived for generations. Media Ethics on a Higher Order of Magnitude.

It is the task of psychological intervention, Jaspers thus argued, to guide human existence beyond the restricted antinomies around which it stabilizes itself, and to allow it decisively to confront the more authentic possibilities, of subjective and objective life, which it effaces through its normal rational dispositions and attitudes.

Interestingly, though, Jaspers saw fit to revise and expand the text in a few of its several editions.

Reason and Existenz | work by Jaspers |

Request removal from index. Moreover, although he claimed not to have been influenced by any specifically ecclesiastical faith, his thought was also formed by the spirit of North German Protestantism, and his philosophical outlook can in many respects be placed in the religiously inflected tradition of Kant and Kierkegaard.

At the same time, however, he also claimed that rationality possesses capacities of communicative integrity and phenomenological self-overcoming, and, if authentically exercised, it is able to escape its narrowly functional form, to expose itself to new contents beyond its limits and antinomies, and to elaborate new and more cognitively unified conceptual structures.


Instead of deciding between the different existing approaches of his time, he stressed their peculiarity that entails the inherent justifications and the way they might complement each other and together portray the many sides of the psychopathological science. Meier – – Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 3 1: Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He defined primary delusions as autochthonousmeaning that they arise without apparent cause, appearing incomprehensible in terms of a normal mental process. However, afterhis fortunes changed dramatically, and he figured prominently on the White List of the US-American occupying forces: Translated as Myth and Christianity: Christina Balmes rated it it was amazing Nov 24, No trivia or quizzes yet.

Nonetheless, there remains a residue of validity in the common association of Heidegger and Jaspers, and, although it requires qualification, this association is not in every respect misleading. Kafkasfriend rated it liked it Dec 13, Otherwise, it might be best to dive into a volume of Kauffman’s books of existentialism which includes Jaspers ideas.

In Philosophy 3 vols,Jaspers gave his view of the history of philosophy and introduced his major themes. The political betrayal of humanity, he reaason, is usually flanked by, and in fact presupposes, a cultural betrayal of humanity, and totalitarian governance normally arises from the erosion or instrumental subjection of culture.

However, in addition to its concern with Hegelian themes, Philosophy also contains a fundamental reconstruction of Kantian themes, it has its foundation in a critical reconstruction of Kant’s doctrine of transcendental ideas, and it is built around an endeavour to explain the elements of Kantian idealism as a systematic doctrine existebz subjective-metaphysical experience.

It must be continually remembered.