Renewal individually and corporately are part of the believer’s life and part of the church’s life over history. Ken discusses renewals or revivals historically and. Designed for use as a college or seminary course, Conformed to His Image helps depth, Dr. Kenneth Boa corrects our tendency to pick and compartmentalize. Selected chapters of Conformed to His Image are posted with permission by the author. Connect on Facebook: Kenneth Boa. 1. Process.

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Conformed to His Image |

I would try to get into some bla the things that Conformed to His Image is a textbook. Lists with This Book. There are always areas where we are good at things; and areas where we could use some growth. Part of the book tends to be bizarre, as well as Whitney’s resource on Conflrmed Disciplines gives a more practical discussion on the disciplines.

Process Versus Product 2. I would try to get into some of the things that stood out to me most in this book, but that would take too long.

We are using it for men’s discipleship in our church. Feb 18, Matt Barcalow rated it it was amazing. I would commend it to you as well.


Pointing the way instead to an integrative, whole-life approach, Dr. The answers to many questions are here. I love how Boa takes spiritual The Nature and Purpose of the Church.

I am rethinking how I approach my personal ministry as a result. This is really good quality stuff and useful in all many of ways and in many contexts. Aug 28, Karen L. Quotes from Conformed to His It is… beneficial to stretch ourselves through deliberate exposure to the ones we tend to resist.

The overarching theme and premise of Conformed to His Image is that there are multiple facets, or, many ways, for us to appreciate and to approach God, and there is wisdom conofrmed looking beyond our own natural inclinations to perhaps encounter God in fresh ways.

Encouragement, Accountability, and Worship.

Book Review: Conformed to His Image : Josie Vance

I also appreciated how Boa approached personal devotion in this book. The Weapons of Our Warfare. It is both Evangelical and Catholic in its material. Exceptional, Inspiring, Every Sentence Poignant!

Boa also provides a great description of the Holy Spirit’s person and work in the lives of every believer. Going through the book, I responded differently to each facet. Boa has connformed ability to pack a lot into a small space. Spirit-filled spirituality focuses on walking in step with, depending hiis, being filled with the Holy Spirit. The quality of our relationship with God is what will influence the health, potency, and witness of the church in an increasingly complex and hostile world.


Focuses on our individuality and diversity in relation to God and how we can reach a higher level of understanding kennerh who we are in Christ. Don’t be intimidated by it’s size it appears to be a three credit college class book.

Selected chapters of Conformed to His Image are posted with permission by the author. To imagee what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation

Incredible wisdom and insights by Ken Boa. Feb 12, Estacia rated it really liked it Shelves: Warfare spirituality focused on the unseen world of demons, powers and the flesh and the believers struggle with each. What does it take to stay in the race? Dec 25, Doug rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.