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Rashidun Caliphate

Once fully engaged the enemy reserves were absorbed by the infantry and archers, and the Muslim cavalry was used as pincers like modern tank and mechanized divisions to attack the enemy from the sides or to attack enemy base camps.

Abu Ubaidah then sent for reinforcements. In the last week of Maythe capital city of Iraq fell to the Muslims after initial resistance in the Battle of Hira. Hence the need for the treasury at the public rashhida was not felt. And may He rshida lead us astray after you.

Thereafter, the Holy Prophet saw became silent [and added no more comments]. Then the clan of Abu Bakr, and in third khilafta the clan of Umar. In order to provide adequate and speedy justice for the people, an effective system of judicial administration was set up, hereunder justice was administered according to the principles of Islam.

Khilafat-e-Rashida by Zaid Hamid

These cities were laid in according with the principles of town planning. Email will not be published required. Al- Masjid an-Nabawi and Masjid al-Haram were enlarged first during the reign of Umar and then during the reign of Uthman ibn Affan who not only extended them to many thousand square meters but also beautified them on a large scale.

Remember, I have not appointed you as commanders and tyrants over the people. He would then leave it to his generals to accomplish their missions in whatever manner they chose. The Rashidun caliphs had placed special emphasis on relative fair and just treatment of the dhimmis.

The military was brought directly under state control and into its pay. Umar was assassinated in [3] and was succeeded by Uthmanwho was elected by a six-person committee arranged by Umar. Caliph Ali also followed the same method.


The response was delayed until after a decisive Muslim victory against the Romans in khhilafat Levant at the Battle of Yarmouk in Hadhrat Promised Messiah as has rashixa very categorically that now the Khilafat to be re-instated on the precept of prophethood, is bound to continue till the end of the time.

Crucially, in conquered lands, Umar did not require that non-Muslim populations convert to Islam, nor did he try to centralize government. Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani said that to ignore such a situation khilafaat haraamand those who cannot revolt inside the caliphate should launch a struggle from outside.

Bosra was not ready for this surprise attack and siege, and thus surrendered after a brief siege in July see Battle of Bosrathis effectively ending the Dynasty of the Ghassanids.

The Succession to Muhammad: Iman Tanveer rated it did not like it Aug 25, Al-Mawardi rahida said in emergencies when there is no caliphate and no majlis, the people themselves should create a majlis, select a list of candidates for caliph, then the majlis should select from the list of candidates. The Election of Prophet and Khalifa It is worth remembering that both the institutions of prophethood and Khilafat are from God but there is a difference regarding their election. It is indeed most befitting from this aspect as well that the establish-ment of Khilafat on the precept of prophethood was actually happening for the second time in the history of the world.

The merchandise valued at dirhams or less was not taxed. Retrieved 10 May Khalid then moved towards the south, and conquered the city of Ein ul Tamr after the Battle khilarat ein-ul-tamr in the last week of July Walid bin Hisham suggested that like the Byzantines separate departments of treasury and accounts should be set up. Abu Bakr’s strategy was to give his generals their mission, the geographical area in which that mission would be carried out, and the resources that could be made available for that purpose.

He fails to understand as to how the inhabitants of the desert of Arabia became the conquerors of the world. A Continuous Blessing It is of paramount importance to understand that the blessing of Khilafat-e-Rashida is a continuous blessing. In some Rashidun troops led by Amr ibn al-As were sent by Umar to conquer the land rxshida the ancient pharaohs. God makes a Khalifa and none has the authority to dismiss him from this office.


It is an important fact to note that Umar never participated in any battle as a commander of a Muslim Army throughout his life. The well-established way of Allah, the Almighty for the guidance of mankind is that the seeds of the Divine message of mhilafat are sown by His chosen prophets and khilaffat stem of guidance begins to grow.

Uthman ibn Affan advised that the amount should be kept for future needs. These stables could accommodate as many as 4, horses. Views Sunni view of Ali Shi’a view of Ali.

The Battle of Chains – Chapter Expansion during the Umayyad Caliphate, The success of these raids made Abdullah Ibn Sa’ad feel that a regular campaign should khilaaft undertaken for the conquest of North Africa. The Rashidun army conquered North Africa from the Byzantines and even raided Spainconquering the coastal areas of the Iberian peninsulaas well as the islands of Rhodes and Cyprus.

These new posts were integral to the efficient network of taxation that financed the empire. She was buried in that same spot which became ohilafat holy site for both many local Muslims and Christians and, much later khilafztthe Hala Sultan Tekke was built there by the Ottomans.

Reflect on the Quran and comprehend its verses. In important cities Guest Houses were constructed to serve as rest houses for traders and merchants coming from far away places. It is our good fortune that we are present at this historic juncture when this Khilafat-e-Rashida has entered into its second century.

By God, Usama is qualified to rshida your general just as his father was qualified to be a general. After successfully accomplishing his mission and establishing a vibrant community of believers, he passed away in