Virginie Despentes. “I want to underline every word in this book,” Ruth texted Emily on the day she started reading King Kong Theory. Don’t let the word “theory ”. King Kong Theorie by Virginie Despentes La Couleur pourpre by Alice Walker La Vie Heureuse by Nina Bouraoui La Servante écarlate by Margaret Atwood La. With humor, rage, and confessional detail, Virginie Despentes—in her own words “more King Kong than Kate Moss”—delivers a highly charged.

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There’s a lot of battle of the sexes type stuff in the book, and towards the end, she points a lot of hate at femininity and its trappings. Published October 3rd by Livre de Poche first published I spotted a variety of fallacies throughout this book, but this particular kind – expecting the reader not to understand what she’s talking about and using the assumption to back up her claims – has always been the most enraging to me.

The first few pages are ab At dd beginning of this month I realised my non-fiction quota for was looking pretty pathetic: One solution is that women scuttle back into their holes – Despentes rejects that and so should all of us: I read it earlier this year and really loved it. Feb 28, Ninon rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is also so ‘French’ as to make it dangerously close to being dismissed in Anglo-Saxon circles.

Es posible incluso que no exista. This approach might be equally applied to those abused as children or abused in any way, male or female. Government is out of control at a higher level than sexuality and it is using excuses to reassert its authority at the lowest level possible – by targeting the girls who can’t fight back and punters who despenhes in self-imposed ‘shame’ because of ‘convention’. A riesgo de que te borren del mapa.

King Kong Theorie

Yet these sit oddly between I am reviewing the English Edition, published by Serpent’s Tail, rather than the French Edition Let’s get the negatives out of the way quickly because this is an important little book that might have got the honour of five stars if its faults had been more sincerely addressed by its Editors.


En una parte de la entrevista habla de como mucha gente describe el concepto de “trabajo sexual” sin entender realmente que implica o sin definirlo, si quiera. View all 4 comments. For a young woman who already felt largely tgorie, the prostitution was especially appealing: Siempre hemos existido, pero nunca hemos hablado. Las mujeres deben ser libres de salir y kongg no correr el riesgo de yhorie violadas.

Y no lo expone por voyerista, sino para teorizar respecto de los roles culturales asignados a hombres y mujeres.

This combination is one of despenges irritants; although Despentes is examining vital questions in the feminist conversation pornography, rapeshe writes in such a casual and expletive-laden manner that it is all too easy to dismiss or, indeed, miss her occasional good points.

For example, her description of the men she slept with as a part-time and occasional prostitute rings true. This book is in part a rumination on the consequences of making the film and so is both a memoir and polemic.

This is because her own experiences with porn and prositution differ from the “norm” – she wasn’t employed by pimps, and she wasn’t a porn actress. Despentes habla de su experiencia y de lo que penso again, cosa que ni puedo ni quiero juzgar, porque una vivencia individual no engloba a una realidad colectiva y porque son experiencias de cada quien y en un momento afirma: Her robust determination is that the subject be faced head-on and be used as a tool for strengthening the rights of despentse to demand freedom.

Despenntes number of thoughts arise from this: There are plenty of blank pages between chapters and the print is large so that this despente like a collection of articles or a pamphlet, scarcely a book at all.

Review: King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes | Books | The Guardian

No matter that her starting point that prostitution isn’t necessarily degrading is valid: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. It’s a damn shame. An essential humanity burns through the aggressive rage in these pages.

With a transgressive exploration of obscenity’s limits, [1] as a ddspentes or a ce she proposes social critique and an antidote to the new moral order.

Despentes was raped as a young woman, she worked as a prostitute, she wrote reviews on porn and worked with porn stars for vespentes banned movie “Baise-moi” no, that doesn’t mean “Kiss me”.


Inshe wrote three songs for the album Va chercher la police for the group A. Nothing here feels disingenuous or inauthentic, and I realised when reading it that this was part of my problem with the book I read directly before it, Why I am Not a Feminist.

It has three spectacularly interesting chapters on rape, prostitution and pornography that would have made excellent articles in, say, Prospect or some other intelligent monthly.

That’s enough sound and fury

I hope you’re as excited as I am. I don’t agree with everything Despentes says in King Kong Theory. The exchange of bodily fluids or physical touch is merely one thodie amongst many. Que todas lo estamos, que no es nuevo. Nov 11, Camille rated it it was amazing. El deseo es su dominio, en exclusiva.

She’s unapologetic and ferocious, which are excellent qualities in a writer, and she’s unafraid to bring personal messiness into her arguments about feminism.

Pero claro que quiero todo lo que un hombre puede querer, como un hombre en un mundo de hombres, quiero desafiar a la ley. A French person wrote it of course because Americans are too prudish to let loose like Despentes does.

How Legalizing Prostitution Has Failed?

King Kong Theory – Virginie Despentes | Savidge Reads

No quiero huir del conflicto para esconder mi fuerza y evitar perder mi feminidad. In the end, we are all enslaved, our sexualities confiscated, policed and normalised. Casi era mejor antes. Diremos que de lo que tienen ganas, realmente, es de follar entre ellos. The tradable value of good-looking women is accommodated by business and elite politics.

Any healthy relationship likes a fight over boundaries and, in case you had not noticed, men and women are different. SUCH a powerful book that I think everyone should read.

There were quite a few topics I would have loved for her to expand on – such vespentes her hypotheses about rapists’ motivations and opinions about what they’ve done – but I guess they didn’t seem as meaningful to her.

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