x ^-^ J ^ A -% A -AAAAAM M ini MJIM& KNOW THYSELF By NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. MIND PRODUCTIONS Mind Productions & Associates N. Copeland. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . KNOW THYSELF. BY. NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. KNOW THYSELF. EDUCATION AS . When you understand that we are all people of a sim- ilar destiny, fate and .

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Again this is consistent with the way of the Ancient African people who studied and expressed God in all that they did from their language, to their art, to their monuments and buildings. Jan 08, Jerry Thyseld rated it really liked it. The so-called school, then, becomes a questionable factor in the life of this despised people.

Know Thyself – Na’im Akbar – Google Books

There is a genuine understanding that whoever controls ideas, can control whatever they want from the environment. The so-called modern education, with all its defects, however does others so much more good than it does the Negro, because it has been worked out in conformity to the needs of those who have enslaved and oppressed weaker peoples.

The ultimate goal of the rituals is to keep alive the memory of those significant ancestors who opened doors for us. Without this self-affirming information young people do not manifest their power for accomplishment.

We would certainly seek to control enough of our resources to insure that we w’ould lose our disproportionate representation among the poverty and criminal groups of this nation and around the world.

In developing an educational system for the self-knowledge of African- Americans, we would not want to replicate such a system of white supremacy that has taught Caucasian people that they are superior because they are not Black, Brown or Red people. Ideas represent images, concepts, values jnow all of those things that influence how people think of themselves and the world around them. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad abar In fact, those who carry these social infections in their cultural practices would not only exclude, but also actively oppose the transmission of such information about these diseases to their potential victims.

KNOW THYSELF, by Na’im Akbar, Forward by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III

It will intro- duce them thyselv ancestors w’hose experiences they still share but have no w’ay of knowing. The community, on the other hand, has no higher significance than that achieved by respecting the individual contributions of its constituency. Our cell is unique and special and it will deter- mine how we interact with the larger world, but our self is more than just a cell. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want yhyself read.


Essentially, it requires that a group with a com- mon social destiny and common historical connection must see themselves as ris- ing above any limitations and achieving the ascendancy of their group consistent with the highest aspirations of the rest of humanity. This is not unlike how the wisest Rabbis developed Hebrew Schools for Jewish children, how the wisest Elders of the Mormon church structured Mormon education for Mormon children, or how the wisest Catholic priests structured Catholic education for European- Catholic children.

As one develops a curriculum in the study of the African self, there is a natural requirement to study God. Once people have self-knowledge they have power to obtain from the world what is needed to insure survival. People write books, develop art works, create images that they hope will preserve their influence on future time. We have discussed already issues such as components of the self which begins with the Soul, the Divine presence in the human make- up and the importance of moral instruction as an essential part of this African educational system.

The protest has been far in excess of the require- ments of the demand but the protest has been brutal and intense. Human beings in their highest points akvar development e. The educational system that we thyselr describing here sees these influences as only a component of who we are and not the whole pic- ture. They must then claim their responsibility to continue the process. Thus the sages teach their children ami the people to think Maat, speak Maat, and do Maat in secular and sacred situations.

The power to influence the environment is the most tangible outcome of t education. This book is going beyond the description of the problem, however. To be human, however, implies akbxr or awareness of who and what we are. A person sees his or her life as a divinely given responsibility that must be discovered. The oppo- sition to this reasonable demand is evidence of their recognition of the depth of the issue that is being raised. This would create jobs in production.

Keontae Freeney rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Despite how impressive the dancing dog may appear to the human observer, this dog has been trained away from its nature. I have found this concept of D Woodson’s to be fundamental as one begins to discuss the need for an alternate way of thinking.


To ask other readers questions about Know Thyselfplease sign up. As artist seek to cre- ate images of beauty and to influence the world to adapt their creative vision, they are exercising the power of shaping the societal vision.

I am certain that such ancestral recognition is observed among most people on the earth. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Human beings must have kbow sense of who they are in order for them to demand their acceptance in the human community.

Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar

No civilized groups of people leave this process to chance. The absence of information to help us remember this part of the self and the loss of rituals to help us recall have contributed to our miseducation and our psychological trauma.

Influencing the Physical Environment Education is the instrument that should equip people knos gain control over the physical resources of the environment. They’ can appreciate tha they have kniw same right and responsibility to be excellent in physics and ealeu lus as they are in basketball and football. It was depicted as a goddess in Ancient Kemit, but this image was only a physical illustration of a higher prin- ciple that rules in the cosmos.

In the days of Dr.

Know Thyself

In the education of African-Americans there is a need to institu- tionalize rituals such as the Holocaust Museum and annual cycles of celebration and active reenactment of the suffering of our ancestors who endured these expe- riences. The soul as I have discussed above and the thysellf components of the self as 1 will discuss below must be all considered in this process of gaining self-knowl- edge.

The importance of this kind of education is that it helps people to identify w’here their konw power is. Lukondo-Wamba, with an Introduction by Marimba Ani. Na’im Akbar as a special treasure. There are gifts of physical strength, artistic talents, and intellectual capabilities that all represent qualities of our personal self that are important to understand.