Mors Kochanski is known throughout North America and the world for his extensive work in outdoor education, survival and wilderness living. His enthusiasm for. Mors Kochanski is a legend in the outdoor survival world. the opportunity to take Winter survival and bushcraft classes from Mors through the. Extended Winter Bushcraft, Wilderness Living Skills/Survival Course. Instructors: Mors Kochanski, Kelly Harlton, and Randy Breeuwsma along with.

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Bull Moose Patrol

After I had studied it enough I asked my Dad to point out a tree that I could fell cut down. The information in it is so dense that it’ll take years to soak in. Your pack should contain a decent-sized pot so you can boil water.

Good index, about pages and a col This book certainly does what it sets out to do. The bundle can be lit while sheltered from wind and rain, and it can kochaski be waived for oxygen, as opposed to kneeling and blowing. Mors Kochanski is a life long wilderness educator from Canada. Dec 05, Koa Smith rated it it was amazing.

I keep it by my bedside, usually reading from it for a few minutes before I fall asleep. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. With clear instructions, extensive use of diagrams and a color photo supplement, this comprehensive reference includes all the practical skills and knowledge essential for you to survive and enjoy the wilderness: If you are interested in bushcraft kochanksi then this book is a must read.

These compact components will help you combat dehydration, stay warm, and build shelter. I’ve taken several of Mors’ classes, read all of his books, and watched his DVDs. Jan 03, Jakob rated it it was amazing. Mors, now 28 years of age, offered his services. In my old Boy Scout Troop, we always strived for “one-match fires,” and my brother and I have long carried on this tradition, even while enduring jeers from others of “just pour some gas on it” while we’re carefully working on our fire preparations.


For example, I learned how to construct a parallel firelay, which is a fire that will burn all night, and keep you warm from head bushcraff toe. The Kochanski family immigrated to Canada from Poland in No trivia or quizzes yet.

Mors’ knowledge is exhaustive and his experience is beyond impressive. Mors Kochanski is a Polish Canadian bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor, naturalistand author. His knowledge of the boreal forest region—the terrain, the plant life, and the animals—is highly advanced. Several years after first reading Mors’ work, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take Winter survival and bushcraft classes from Mors through the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

In the cold northwoods, sleep will be very difficult to obtain without understanding other survival skills and principles. Today, with digital technology, Mors’ reach continues to grow. HIs affable personality kochansli approachable teaching style make his courses even more enjoyable. Mors repeatedly stressed a couple of key fundamental points: Learn how to tie a bowline and use it on your next outdoor adventure!

Mors Kochanski has been an outdoor educator and survival instructor for over 40 years, twenty three of which as bushcraff sessional professor for the University of Alberta; a few months of which were at the Canadian Department of National Defense Survival School at Jarvis Lake, Alberta.

When we’re Winter camping in the Boundary Waters in January, if you don’t eat enough, you get cold quickly!

Bushcraft, published inis a foremost text on that subject with the skills you really need to know, including Firecraft, Axe Use, Kichanski Bush Knife, Cordage, Shelter Concepts, Trees and Animals is evident that Mors is teaching from experience and knowledge.

Authors draws great diagrams. Your email address will not be published.

Mors Kochanski

He is well known for saying, “The more you know, the less you carry. I considered myself somewhat knowledgeable in this field, but I knew nothing compared to Kochanski. A Mors Kochanski original, the “Super Shelter” is a dramatic upgrade to the classic pine bough lean-to you see in nearly every survival manual. Knives for Canoe Camping.

Check out my tips and advice for busycraft hands in all Winter weather! Interesting material on survival at northern latitudes. Views Read Edit View history. Winter is hanging on this year, and keeping your hands warm in the frigid cold is important for fun Winter outdoor adventures. Bishcraft chow or not to chow, that is the question.

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The book became a Canadian bestseller. Once lit, you lay down lengthwise next to the fire and it will keep you warm while you sleep. Mors’ techniques and gear recommendations are largely based on attaining sleep, maintaining warmth, staying hydrated, and signaling for rescue. Preview — Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski.

Mors Kochanski — The Bushcraft Journal

The book deals with fire and shelter craft as well as the use of knives, saws, and axes in the wild and the uses of conifers, birches, shrubs and moose. There’s also getting to be bushfraft a few highly-skilled instructors who’ve learned and are now passing on Mors’ techniques.

I read this book slowly bushcarft took notes. Mors while show you how to live in the woods with the bare minimum of equipment, but it’s a different approach the ultra-light backpacking proponent. Dec 17, Rory rated it it was amazing.

No duplication without permission. Return to Book Page. Mors Kochanski is known throughout North America and the world for his extensive work in outdoor education, survival and wilderness living. Paul Council of the Boy Scouts as a fundraiser for Eagle Scout college scholarships, and later in the year, hung out with him again at the Winter Camping Symposium this event has become upper Midwest top bushcraft meet-up!

Apr 01, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Focuses on the northern forests of the world so all you guys in the southern hemisphere would do better with Ray Mears but for anyone in the north of the world this is a great book on the subject.