TINJAUAN YURIDIS TERHADAP PELANGGARAN PASAL 36 KONVENSI WINA TENTANG HUBUNGAN KONSULER Studi Terhadap. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of is an international treaty that defines a Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (); Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (); Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. PERSPEKTIF KONVENSI WINA DAN PERKEMBANGANNYA DI Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular.

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When, in the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Article, it has become necessary to detain a consular officer, the proceedings against him shall be instituted with the minimum of delay. Persuasive Force or Binding Law? Babketiga pasalpasal67 khususmenyangkutketentuan-ketentuanmengenai lembagakonsulkehormatan,termasukkantornya. Tentunya akan berbeda pengaplikasiankekebalannyakarenakorpskonsulertidakmemilikihakeksteritorial tundukpadapelaksanaankekuasaanperadilan.

Vienna Convention on Consular Relations

If a diplomatic agent passes through or is in the territory of a third State, which has granted him a passport visa if such visa was necessary, while proceeding to take up or to return to kojvensi post, or when returning to his own country, the third State shall accord him inviolability and such other immunities as may be required to ensure his transit or return.

Pasal 29 Pribadi agen diplomatik akan dapat diganggu gugat. They shall also enjoy the privileges specified in Article 36, paragraph 1, in respect of articles imported knvensi the time of first installation.

The provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article shall not, however, apply to any consular employee who is not a permanent employee of the sending State or who carries on any private gainful occupation in the receiving State or to any member of the family of any such employee. The packages constituting the diplomatic bag must bear visible external marks of their character and may contain only diplomatic documents or articles intended for official use. Konperensi tersebut membahas rancangan pasal- pasal yang dipersiapkan oleh Komisi Hukum Internasional Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa dan menerima baik suatu Konvensi mengenai Hubungan diplomatik, yang terdiri dari 53 pasal yang mengatur hubungan diplomatik, hak-hak istimewa dan kekebalan-kekebalannya.

Dalam penerapan ketentuan-ketentuan Konvensi ini, Negara penerima tidak diskriminasi seperti antara Serikat. The consular bag shall be neither opened nor detained.

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

For each Konvrnsi ratifying or acceding to the present Protocol after its entry into force in accordance with paragraph 1 of this Article, the Protocol shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after deposit by such State of its instrument of ratification or accession. Articles 42 19663 43, paragraph 3 of Article 44, Articles kpnvensi and 53 and paragraph 1 of Article 55 shall apply to honorary consular officers. Private servants of members of the mission shall, if they are not nationals of or permanently resident in the receiving State, be exempt from dues and taxes on the emoluments they receive by reason of their employment.


A consular post may be established in the territory of the receiving State only with that State’s consent. Article 39 Consular fees and charges 1. Article 49 Exemption from taxation 1. Kecuali sejauh hak-hak istimewa dan kekebalan tambahan dapat diberikan oleh penerima Negara, seorang agen diplomatik yang merupakan warga negara atau penduduk permanen di Negara tersebut akan hanya menikmati kekebalan dari yurisdiksi, dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat, dalam knovensi tindakan resmi dilakukan dalam pelaksanaan tugasnya.

Consular relations Vienna Convention on Consular The same shall apply in the case of any member of his family forming part of his household enjoying such privileges and immunities who are accompanying the consular officer or traveling separately to join him or to return to the sending State. Article 28 The fees and charges levied by the mission in the course of its official duties shall be exempt from all dues and taxes.

Konvensi Winaterdiridari79pasal,kebanyakanmenetapkanoperasikonsulat,menguraikan Iungsi dari agen konsuler, danmemaparkan keistimewaan dan kekebalan yang diterima oleh pejabat konsuler saat ditugaskan ke luar negeri.

Article 66 Exemption from taxation An honorary consular officer shall be exempt from all dues and taxes on the remuneration and emoluments which he receives from the sending State in respect of the exercise of consular functions.

Konvensi Wina | Gabriella Herlim –

Article 35 Freedom of communication 1. The provisions of paragraph 2 of this Article shall not exclude the possibility of offices of other institutions or agencies being installed in part of the building in which the consular premises are situated, provided that the premises assigned to them are separate from those used by the consular post.

Third States shall accord to official correspondence and to other official communications in transit, including wiba in code or cipher, the same freedom and protection as the receiving State is bound to accord under the present Convention.

Departemen Luar Negeri dari Negara penerima, atau seperti pelayanan lainnya sebagaimana dapat setuju, akan diberitahu tentang: The consent given to the establishment of diplomatic relations between two States implies, unless otherwise stated, Dalam hal ini, ketentuan-ketentuan dari Konvensi ini akan berlaku. Namun, sehubungan dengan tindakan yang dilakukan oleh seperti orang dalam melaksanakan fungsi- fungsinya sebagai anggota misi, imunitas akan terus untuk bertahan hidup.

Article 52 Exemption from personal services and contributions Konvejsi receiving State shall exempt members of the consular post and members of their families forming part of their households from all personal services, from all public service of any kind whatsoever, and from military obligations such as those connected with requisitioning, military contributions and billeting.

Article 44 The receiving State must, even in case of armed conflict, grant facilities in order to enable persons enjoying privileges and immunities, other than nationals of the receiving State, and members of the families of such persons irrespective of their nationality, to leave at theearliest possible moment. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah yuridis normatif dengan pendekatan deskriptif kualitatif. He shall be provided with an official document indicating the number of packages constituting the bag but he shall not be considered to be a diplomatic courier.


Semua urusan resmi dengan Negara konvrnsi dipercayakan kepada misi oleh Negara pengiriman dilaksanakan dengan atau melalui Departemen Luar Negeri atau Negara penerima seperti pelayanan lain sebagaimana dapat disetujui. Article 35 The receiving State shall exempt diplomatic agents from all personal services, from all public service of any kind whatsoever, and from military obligations such as those connected with requisitioning, military contributions and billeting.

The provisions of Chapter II of the present Convention apply to consular posts headed by career consular officers; the provisions of Chapter III govern consular posts headed by honorary consular officers. In communicating with the Government and the other missions and consulates of the sending State, wherever situated, the mission may employ all appropriate means, including diplomatic couriers and messages in code or cipher.

Article 63 Criminal proceedings If criminal proceedings are instituted against an honorary consular officer, he must appear before the competent authorities. This section does not cite any sources. Every person entitled to privileges and immunities shall enjoy them from the moment he enters the territory of the receiving State on proceeding to take up his post or, if already in its territory, from the konveensi when his appointment is notified to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or such other ministry as may be agreed.

His papers, correspondence and, except as provided in paragraph 3 of Article 31, his property, shall likewise enjoy inviolability. Sebuah agen diplomatik tidak diwajibkan untuk memberikan bukti sebagai saksi. Wiba officers and consular employees and members of their families forming part of their households shall be exempt from all obligations under the laws and regulations of the receiving State in regard to the registration of aliens and residence permits.

Permanent representative United Nations Ambassador-at-large Resident representative. The sending State may, if kohvensi by its laws and regulations, request the receiving State winq grant an exequatur to a consular officer other than the head of a consular post. Dalam kasus-kasus di mana tidak ada anggota staf diplomatik misi hadir dalam menerima Negara, seorang anggota staf administratif dan teknis dapat, dengan persetujuan dari Negara penerima, akan ditunjuk oleh Negara untuk pengiriman bertugas saat ini urusan administrasi misi.