Lalita-Sahasranama-Bhasya was com- posed in Samvatsara Bra, i.e., nearly two . 1 INTRODUCTION TO BHASKARARAYA’S COMMENTARY 1. He who. Bhaskararaya belonged to Maharashtra; but he traveled throughout the country. His Bhasya on the Lalita-sahasranama was composed in A.D. Get this from a library! Lalita sahasranama, with Bhaskararaya’s commentary,. [R Anantakrishna Sastry; Bhāskararāya Dīkshita Bhāratī.;].

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Another explananation of the above verse is as follows: Can I compare the odours of the hair of Devi with anything?

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Whatever form of mine your mind is capable of grasping, meditate upon that. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. Who was born from the altar of the fire of con- sciousness Cidagnikundasambhuta. Adorned with every ornament. About the Translator He was the translator and traditional Sanskrit scholar, and a member of the theosophical society.

The fragrance from the betel leaves she chews attracts the quarters. Geya y to be praised ; Cakra, wheel xahasranama Batha, the disk of the sun. Dandanatlia is the goddess Varahl. I was corresjjonding with him on the matter but before anything could be arranged, unfortunately for us he became a Mukta, a liberated soul.

The commentator on Vidyaratna J places it in the middle of the comentary of milk. Commentaary Ramachandrasekhar Paperback Edition: His commentary consists of 2, granthas. In that work S’iva says to Devi: Ananthakrishna Sastry, who was a member of the Adyar Library Staff. Festival means the union of S’iva and S’akti in the Sahasrara. Ananthakrishna Sastry “. Manipiira cakra is in bhaskzraraya navel and there is a ten- petalled lotus ; in that while engaged in the act of Samaya worship Vide under name 98 Devi commwntary decked pura with gems mani.


Hence Visnu Bhagavata Pr, says: For the names of the Tantras, Agamas and Samhitas see No.

It is said, ” O S’iva, though independent, thou art become subservient by devotion. In other lists of thousand names, e. There are nine names beginning with the word Kula, from Kulamrtaikarasika 90 to KularupinI She who has three Puraa lit.

Lalita-Sahasranama with Bhaskararaya’s Commentary

This has been dealt with in detail in the commentary on the verse Andibhava, etc, of Aruna. Do not make me over to one who is envious or crooked-minded, nor to a rogue. You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. The Superintendent of the Vasanta Press has undertaken to expedite the printing of the book. The sahasranaa is now thoroughly revised; many obscure passages have been made clear and certain others left out in the first edition have been included. This seems to be a description of one’s experience when one Identifies oneself with these seven.

Some denote the unconditioned Brahman, such as Paraifrjyotis supreme light, No.

S’rlvidya is the first of all the Mantras, and in it the Kadi is the saahasranama and the best. But I find he depends more for his authority on Saundaryalaharl of S’rl S’amkaracarya the first 41 slokas are called Anandalahar!


Truly very appreciated, Namaste. The thousand names of the goddesses MantrinI bhaskqraraya Dandinl have been told to me, but those of Devi Lalita, have not been told to me.

Adorned or marked Ankita. And rest assured that I will soon order more books. The Cidgagaanacandrika says, ” Kula is the measurer, the thing to be measured and the measuring. He whose conduct is doubtful, and who acts according to his own whim and laalita the scriptures, is called a fool, because he violates all the principles of the Dharmas. I do not know who the author of this was, nor is the name of the Sotras to be found in any of the catalogues of public or private libraries.

I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! Das’a-H Akrtih of Narayana are the ten incarnations of Visnu, viz.

This was the experience of all our great Acaryas see Saun. The jewels are Mdnikya and MauJctika. The Kosa says, ” Kodanda means Anus’vara. She was the life-giving medicine to Man math a who was burnt up by the fire from the eye of S’iva.