Tenants. Now that you have defined your properties you need to identify who will live in them. STEP 1: Create a new tenant. To create a new tenant, go in the. As many of you may have already noticed today, we’ve really been ramping up LandlordMax’s online documentation. The user manual is now. Join us as we tear down Landlord Max and reveal what we like and dislike about it. The user manual is well written and comes with screenshots and clear.

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LandlordMax Review: 5 Fast Facts

By mistake, I had emailed Landlordmax. Rate the content quality of the following case study: What really makes LandlordMax shine is its unmatched report generator. I am really enjoying the use of your program and now I love your support. Profile locked Work for LandlordMax?

We were also pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to use given its huge list of functions. They were so kind in trying to help me with the landlordnax that I thought was manial. For between 10 and units, LandlordMax should more than meet your needs.

Full LandlordMax Review – Is Landlord Max Worth The Price?

I’m a tech geek, and I’ve been willing to pay any amount for good property management software for my brokerage. Unlock All of Your Customer References. While even first time landlords should have no problems figuring out this simple-to-use software, we do appreciate the landlordax selection of help and customer support available. This weekend, I read the instruction manual and successfully loaded all of my ladnlordmax into the software Yours outperforms them all.


LandlordMax Question – Landlord Forum thread 338824

The user manual is well written and comes with screenshots and clear step-by-step instructions. To be fair, yser feature is usually only found in customized property management software that can easily cost more than a thousand dollars.

This helps you easily determine what to charge for late payments. If you’re a power user or someone likes to micro manage, you can drill down to the sub-categories outlined in yellow below where you can key in detailed data such as occupants, employer or even their vehicles:. This gives for account all the information they need. I have also signed up as an affiliate member so I can introduce it to other investors.

Daniel Bonnell DT Rentals. Share All Share about LandlordMax with a friend. Even though I …. I’ve been using your software since Even on its first release, your network Landlordmax software is awesome!

I have been using LandlordMax for about 2 years now and love it.

I have been using LandlordMax for over a year a now. That said, moving your property data around is simple – LandlordMax allows you to copy and paste saved data between computers.


I work for LandlordMax. We are independently owned and operated and all opinions expressed on this site are our own. Category tabs are clear and easily accessible on the left side of your screen.

While LandlordMax does produce excellent and detailed reports, the reports are all in numbers and figures. This is more of a wish list item rather than a complaint but it will be perfect if LandlordMax can actually link up with bank accounts so that a landlord can send and receive payments directly from it. I’ve tried every other competitive solution all of which charge substantially moreeven the big name networked versions, which charge outrageous monthly fees. The accounting entries are also color-coded to make them simple to digest.

In plain English, it means that your rental property data is stored offline, making it a bit more troublesome to share it with others or change computers. The service comes with a user manual that includes screenshots and helpful step-by-step instructions. Learn More About LandlordMax.