LEGO set database: Metro Park & Service Tower. Find great deals for Lego Town Classic Metro Park And Service Tower (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Lego Town – Metro Park/service Tower 99 Complete Boxed Instructions Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Soon enough, we finish our first vehicle: It has a building, cars, a lsgo and lots of possibility for death and destruction, which was very important to me when I reached the 6 to 12 age category. James May still refuses to get a haircut It features plenty of white and, being a set featuring Shell, plenty of yellow and red as well.

Six minifigs is a fair number and if you’re nostalgic, you’ll get a kick out of the classic faces, striped shirts and “S” racer logo. I wonder if this is a side-effect of the modularity you mention, where the emphasis is on specific functions rather than an overall cohesive model? I always admire the overall design, especially the multi-story car park and the amount of 4-studs wide vehicles inside this set.

Instructions For LEGO 6394 Metro Park and Service Tower

The whole parking structure is built llego cars this size and while the three passenger cars included in this set weren’t the biggest cars available at the time, they usually didn’t get much larger than this either. This, along with the many hours of great playtime I’ve had with this set, is why will always have a special place in my town and in my 634. I’ll be staying with 4-wide on my layout and I am glad that LEGO is putting out some more 4-wide vehicles this year for us Classic Town fans.

Fitting in with other shops and service sets like the more modest Service Station and the Bike Repair Shop it quickly became a centerpiece of citizen life in Lego Town. Great review of a set that I wish I had been legoo to get as a child.


Sign In Sign Up. This is a fantastic review for an incredible set! So this is a very special set to me. Register a new account. It is a set, however, that has its 634 improved when put into a larger context. This was the common standard for many years in Lego Town and it’s a standard that this model handles very well. We’ve cut up the box and stored the pictures of the alternate models by pasting them on A4-sized sheets of cardboard and putting them in a big folder for safekeeping.

Luckily, my parents bought my Lego back then. I know you’ve put a lot of work into this review, and it shows. It works wonderfully well. Back inLego still spent time and resources on producing alternate models to put on the back of their 3694. That being said, the first stage of the build immediately brings us one of the model’s main features: Instead, the brick appears a bit to the side, appearing to float in an illogical position. For your viewing pleasure, I include a demonstration:.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Two 1×1 headlight bricks put on their side will allow you to add parts at a 90 degree angle. You take a car like the 4WD from and it simply doesn’t fit. Brilliant review of one of my all-time favourite sets. But now I found the stand on BrickLink, thanks for enlighting my day. It will be in my possession for 20 years next June. I’m sure you can guess who is who.

Lego Town – Metro Park/service Tower 99 Complete Boxed Instructions | eBay

I used to really want this set as a kid, and I still want it now. It’s amazing how much of a difference 4-wide 63944 6-wide makes. It’s truly amazing, and I really envy you for being levo to maintain this Classic Set until now. Some red lights inform drivers the car wash is a one-way street.


All this was only amplified when I used to put this model across from my airport runway in my town setup.

legi Everything else including all the tiles that would nowadays receive the sticker treatment as well is printed. Anyway, nice job, and a cool set.

The motorbike is next and there’s not much added other than a stand, a headlight and a taillight, but just having these lights adds a lot to the model. While many sets from the late eighties have gotten recent updates became and became part ofa modern update of remains unreleased. It was one of the centerpieces of my Lego town. The 6-wide comparison shots are hilarious. Released in The Netherlands in May ofthis was a flagship set of Town when it first came out.

The three small cars included all follow the same basic 63944 pattern: The build expands upon this start by adding some pieces like mudguards below the bracket.

This is my favorite Lego town set from my childhood and the biggest one too! But this is not the standard size for Lego cars these days and we must accept that the scale of is one of a bygone era. And while I’m not adverse to the Octan logo and colour scheme, I kinda miss the Shell references. The booklet may have seen better days, but it is nearly twenty years old, you know. Pedestrians are not included, but would also be unnecessary.

LEGO Metro Park and Service Tower Instructions , City

Truly an epic review. Again, great review and thanks for putting this together! Eventually the airport and racer themes took over and was dropped as well.