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muskets, complete; complete sets of accoutrements; sword belts; 75 rifles; pairs horseman’s pistols; 22 horseman’s swords; artil. ley . File Hilam Comportamiento Del Fuego 15 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. HILAM LEY_FEB Ley núm. que modifica el decreto-ley núm. , de , sobre vigilantes Ley núm. , por la que se dictan normas referentes a libertad de.

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Compensation Forms Regulations No. Nicaragua – Community, social and personal services workers – Law, Act. Bodies and institutions, which carry out and participate in the prevention of violations and their competencies Chapter III: Political Let Finance Regulations, S. Act of 11 November to lay down rules concerning individual health care professions Act on individual health care professions.

Norway – Community, social and personal services workers – Law, Act. Provides for freedom of speech and freedom of press, sets forth requirements to work as a journalist, and specifies which types of materials may not be published or broadcast. Occupational Therapy Amendment Act No. 10699 repealing the application of the Vocational Training Act No. Human Rights Commission Act No.

Prohibits discrimination and provides for measures to ensure equality of rights, freedom of speech and protection of acquired rights. Governs, inter alia, the constitution of the Board, Board funds and statistical reports, the disciplinary powers of the Board, appeals from Board decisions, and makes necessary transitional provisions.

Act of 28 December on financing of political parties Text No. Zimbabwe – Derechos humanos – Ley. Dahir du 18 avril relatif au statut des journalistes professionnels. Defines the functions, duties and powers of the Board.

Amendments relating to an increase of the employees’ pension contributions, to be paid over to the General civil pension fund. Mozambique – Community, social and personal services workers – Law, Act. Provides for the licensing, control and administration of privately-owned guard companies. Disiplinary measures such as removal from the Roll, as well as definitions of unworthy or dishonourable conduct are outlined in Part IV.


Human Rights Committee, Comments on Uruguay, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/79/Add ().

There shall be no difference between the payment of men and women. Provides for function, powers and composition of Human Rights Commission.

Pakistan – Community, social and personal services workers – Law, Act. Parts IX and X deal with power of, and review by Commission.

Provides for the establishment and constitution of professional Boards for allied health services professions. Amends the Admission of Advocates Act, Regulates application for registration of mass media services and news agencies, as well as application for accreditation of journalists.

Also provisions on rights and obligations of the press, state jurisdiction 10699 the press and commendations and rewards, judging of violations. Part V provides for collection, protection and retention of personal information, and Part VI for use and disclosure of personal information by public bodies.

New Zealand – Community, social and personal services workers – Law, Act. Victimological prevention of violations Chapter VII: Contains provisions on probihition of discrimination and presents fundamental rights and freedoms article 32 deals with freedom of association and article 40 with right to work.

Establishes a professional board for the profession oey social workers and provides for the powers, duties and functions of the board. Defines the labour relations of top athletes who receive a periodical grant for fictitious employment. The Dental Technologists Registration, etc. Act of 29 November establishing the amended Legal Position Law Practitioners Act providing for new regulations regarding wages, hours of work, holidays, and rest and leave.

Contains six sections covering, inter alia, beneficiaries, applicability of the State Pensions Fund Act No. These include prohibition of publication and dissemination of matter perjudicial to public security; prohibition, restriction and control of assemblies; and prohibition, restriction and control of residence, movement and transport of persons.


Comprehensive legislation on public’s right to access to records and information held by public bodies. Norway – Community, social and personal services workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

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Morocco – Community, social and personal services workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Prime Minister Order No. Contains provisions on State financing and its sources, donations to political parties, and control of the use by political parties of their funds. Annual public labour shall be used for the construction and renovation of traffic roads, irrigation works, health stations, veterans’ graveyards, and other public-utility projects.

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Responsibility for Violation of the Legislation Chapter V: Namibia – Community, social and personal services workers – Law, Act. Establishes requirement to notify third party if information concerned pertains to third party.

Sort by Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of leh Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of lwy force Date of publication Country Subject results lry per page per page per page. Contains six provisions covering, inter alia, definitions, scope of application, conditions to benefit from pension payment and time of service to benefit from full pension. Medical and Dental Professions Act, No. Inter alia, provides for drawing up an annual equal employment opportunities programme and ensuring its application.

Individual prevention of violations Chapter VI: Provides for citizens’ public labour obligations. Part IV deals with information pertaining to third parties.