Arthroscopy. Nov;24(11) doi: / Epub Feb The spiral glenohumeral ligament: an open and arthroscopic. Emerg Radiol. Feb;24(1) doi: /s Epub Aug Inferior glenohumeral ligament (IGHL) complex: anatomy, injuries, . Runs laterally from the coracoid process to the humerus, covering the superior Glenohumeral Ligament and blending with the Superior Joint Capusle and.

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The Japanese Perspective on Baseb Advanced anatomic knowledge of the spiral GHL helps the clinician better understand the normal anatomy of the shoulder joint and also helps to differentiate it from pathologic findings of the patient.

Sternoclavicular Anterior sternoclavicular Posterior sternoclavicular Interclavicular Costoclavicular. Joints and ligaments of the arm. Distal radioulnar Palmar radioulnar Dorsal liigamentos Interosseous membrane of forearm.

SLAP tears are characterized by shoulder pain in specific positions, pain associated with overhead activities such as tennis or overhand throwing sports, and weakness of the shoulder. How important is this topic for clinical practice? Imaging recommendations for the evaluation of the IGHL complex include magnetic resonance imaging MRIand injuries to this complex are best glenohumeraes with magnetic resonance arthrography.

Deep transverse metacarpal Superficial transverse metacarpal.

Glenohumeral Joint – Physiopedia

liagmentos Original Editor – Tyler Shultz. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The capsule can become inflamed and stiff, with abnormal bands of tissue adhesions growing between the joint surfaces, causing pain and restricting movement of the shoulder, a condition known as frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.


Dissection image of coracohumeral ligament of glenohumeral joint in green.

Glenohumeral ligaments

During abduction of the arm the middle and inferior ligaments become taut while the superior ligament relaxes. This usually signifies multiple tendon tear. The axillary space is an anatomic space between the associated muscles of the shoulder. Due to the very loose joint capsule that gives a limited interface of the humerus and scapula, it is the most mobile joint of the human body. The subacromial bursa is composed of the subdeltoid and subacromial bursa because they are often continuous.

Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Extension is carried out by the latissimus dorsi and posterior fibres of the deltoid. American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons. The anatomy of the glenohumeral ligaments has been shown to be complex and variable and their function is highly dependent on the position of the humerus with respect to the glenoid. Toggle navigation p Physiopedia.

The inferior glenohumeral ligament IGHL complex is comprised of three components supporting the inferior aspect of the shoulder. The Unity of Form and Function Sixth ed. This joint is formed from the combination of the humeral head and the glenoid fossa of the scapula.

Because the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii is inside the capsule, it requires a tendon sheath to minimize friction. The superior glenohumeral ligament with the coracohumeral ligament was shown to be an important stabilizer in the inferior direction, even though the coracohumeral ligament is much more robust than the superior glenohumeral ligament. Inferiorly translated with the arm in 90 degrees of abduction and neutral rotation.


Anterior dislocation of the glenohumeral joint occurs when the humeral head is displaced in the anterior direction. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Raising the level of diagnostic certainty about SLAP lesions”. Upward movemement of the humerus on the glenoid in the sagittal plane towards the rear of the body. A number of small fluid-filled sacs known as synovial bursae are located around the capsule to aid mobility:.

This range can glneohumerales compromised by anything that changes the position of the scapula. In addition to these, the capsule is strengthened in front by two bands derived from the tendons of the Pectoralis major and Teres major respectively. The supra-acromial bursa does not normally communicate with the shoulder joint.

Anatomy and function of the glenohumeral ligaments in anterior shoulder instability.

Core Tested Community All. Check date values in: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only.