An Aspiring Breslover asks: When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on. Question: In honor of Reb Noson’s yahrtzeit (10 Teves), I would like to make a new start in studying Likutei Halachos. But what can I do that I. Likutei Halachos. ליקוטי הלכות חפץ חיים ג”כ סעט. Item # Our Price: $ Size: ” X “. Qty. Bedtime Stories Of Middos and Good Deeds Volume 4.

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The davening afterwards will be entirely different. Therefore, it’s not enough that the evil kingdom, corresponding to “subject to time”, failed to intensify through the taking of Esther to the palace of Achashveirosh.

There is a war at stake over here, the battle over our very souls. On the contrary, the matter was turned around from one side to the other, corresponding to the verse Koheles 8: The entire order of times depends on her; everything is contingent upon her.

With time, you will learn new concepts, and your connection to the Sefer will be halachod. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! An Aspiring Breslover asks: This corresponds to the verse haalchos on 2: If I went a bit deep than please contact me for more detials: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Machon Habashan Light weight and affordable set of Likutei Halachot with hard covers.

And you will understand a little what the taste of Gan Eden is and you will begin to grasp that a well of pure water is flowing underneath us, and we just have to take a cup and drink. The tzedekes Esther “requested nothing” since she had so completely annulled her ego that she was not even touched.


You will then begin to see how each word of Likutei Halachos is a diamond, and not a single word is superfluous. This is an aspect of the power of the amazing and awesome miracle of Purim that occurred through the taking of Esther to Achashveirosh’s palace.

The second alludes to the nekudah of our friends and peers, which shines to us in a different way. But we should mention a piece of advice for those attempting this, which is that since every Drush in Likutei Halachos is based on a Torah in Likutei Moharan, if possible, it would be worth looking into that Torah. The solution for all of this is to be diligent in studying Likutei Halachos every day, page after page, until one starts to grasp a little of the light which is hidden in his words.

How to Learn Likutey Halachos?

You guys are great in asking and presenting these ideas. This is reflected in the verse 2: Help Support Our Work. Rabbi Dovid Sears answers: One is introduced to the different principles underlying the likuteo facets of Halacha, enlightening the curious and seeking mind. There is No Such Thing as Despair!

But this is not always what we find. Learn it piece by piece, and try to attach the ideas together, until you know one Halachah well. Machon Habashan Light weight and affordable set of Likutei Halachox with soft covers. One of the things I am ilkutei starting to realize is that I need not spend so much time planning how I am going to learn or how to approach it, rather, I just need to jump in and connect myself to the words and not try to feel rushed to complete a certain amount of learning by a given arbitrary due date.

We just have to break through in the beginning, to get to know the Sefer. The opposite is also true.


Likutei Halachot

Often a person intuitively knows when he needs to keep going deeper or when it is time to switch to a different lesson.

If I understand your response, I think you are saying that the proper way for me to approach Likutey Halachos is with no personal cheshbonos — just immerse myself in a Torah in Likutey Moharan and choose ANY associate piece in Likutey Halachos and learn it; knowing that Reb Noson is taking me by the hand and showing me how to live it. It was specifically through Esther that the nitzotzos sparks of souls were raised from the kingdom of evil, an aspect of “subject to time”.

Thus it was then that the sitra achara incorporation of evil forces decided to intensify itself over Israel, by taking Esther to the palace of Achashveirosh.

By An Aspiring Breslover October 31, Anybody who could would just roll up his sleeves and push himself in. Chana Siegel 3 years ago Reply.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is just like in studying Gemara. In Lekutay Halachos however Rebbe Nosson uses his own brilliant insight and creative ability to weave Rebbe Nachman’s teachings in an entirely new and novel masterpiece.

To subscribe pikutei our weekly newsletter, please email: The time before dawn is also an opportune time for studying Likutei Halachos — to get up before davening and to learn for half an hour. Lekutay Halachos is a monumental work explaining the deeper meaning behind Halacha. She returned them all to Mordechai, raising and linking everything to “above time”.