Many philosophies of arranging denture occlusion; No definitive scientific studies Lingualized Occlusion: Contacts on centered on mandibular ridge minimizes. Lingualized Occlusion. If I had to choose the one thing that’s had the greatest effect on the success of the dentures and partial dentures I construct for my patients. Lingualized occlusion represents an established method for the development of functional and esthetic complete denture articulation. Since its introduction, the.

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In this concept, the anterior teeth are arranged according to the requirements of esthetics and phonetics. Lingualized occlusion is developed to maintain the food-penetration advantages of the anatomic form while maintaining the occlusin freedom of the nonanatomic form.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part II

Related articles Articulation balanced occlusion nonbalanced occlusion. Advanced Search Users Online: Lea and Febiger; How to cite this article: In addition, horizontal stresses were also reduced due to the friction between opposing surfaces was decreased.

In right lateral position Click here to ljngualized. If the teeth are arranged in any other manner than described above, excessive pressure or pain is caused due to lateral interferences.

Because the neutrocentric technique provides an area of closure and does not lock the mandible into a single position. This article has been cited by other articles occlussion PMC. Tooth form was modified using flat teeth with no deflecting inclines. Extreme vertical overlaps producing cuspid guidance are frequently used, resulting in disocclusion of the posterior teeth away from centric occlusion.


Therefore, it is ideal for a patient who has resorbed friable ridges with linguzlized tissue. We need to consider all the factors such as biologic, physiologic, and mechanical that favor the stability of the denture base to avoid deflective or excessive forces transmitted to the underlying structures.

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Pivot’s place the mandible in equilibrium by maintaining the occlusal load in the molar regions. They exhibit bilateral fulcrum of protrusive stability — on protrusion blade form of mandibular second molar contacts maxillary first premolar bilaterally and prevent anterior rotational contact. Nocturnal occlusal parafunction can be eliminated by removal of the dentures while sleeping, but there is still the problem of parafunction during day time.

Tilting of the bases may result if extreme gliding contacts are made [ Figure 3b ]. In lateral mandibular position outside the masticatory movements, the cuspids should prevent contacts on all other teeth. In the right lateral position, the occlusal contact forces directed toward the ridges on the working side [ Figure 5b ]. In right lateral position, only the working side pivot will contact if the path of the condyle on the balancing side is not parallel to the occlusal plane [ Figure 4b ].

Reduced width of the artificial teeth reduces the vertical stresses on the ridge.

In centric occlusion, the occlusal contact forces are directed toward the ridges [ Figure 1a ]. The occlusal arrangement of artificial teeth, as viewed in the horizontal plane, wherein the masticatory surfaces of the mandibular posterior artificial teeth have a straight, long, narrow occlusal form resembling that of a line, usually articulating with opposing monoplane teeth.


Pivoting in the posterior region of a flat occlusal plane has been used to reduce temporomandibular joint symptoms [ Figure 4a ]. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part II

The greatest bone loss and closure of the occlusal vertical dimension were observed in the group of denture wearers with nonanatomic posterior teeth and the least in the group wearing anatomic posterior teeth. Therefore, the direction of force in that dental lingualzied remains fairly constant.

Financial support and sponsorship Nil. Forces were centralized without encroachment on the tongue space. Neutrocentric occlusion is especially indicated in class II retrognathicclass III Prognathicand crossbite cases. This article discusses about the evolution of different concepts of nonbalanced occlusion and occlusal schemes in complete denture occlusion. Linghalized retentive denture bases are a requirement in this concept.

Lineal occlusion concepts for complete dentures. Then apply separating medium to obtain maxillary stone cast of generated paths. This occlusion is based on the muscles and joint determines the mandibular position without tooth guidance and that the teeth in the function should always be passive to the parts of the mandibular movements. J Prosthet Dent ; InGysi introduced the concept of lingualized articulation.