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WillW on December 18, at 4: It should be required to do some things with this before graduating to a IC class D amp!

Question for ya… My 9V in the circuit for the second setup is getting pretty hot. My lm chip starte heating up once I had connected the cell — any idea why?! Is it a mistake, or should there be a total of three caps connecting the positive rail to ground, of which two caps are 0.

Was real informative and will probably help solve my problem. Circuit Basics on November datashedt, at 1: I am an undergraduate from Ghana and am working on a similar circuit.

Without much effort at all you may be a whole lot of more educated around the subject. I want to rebuild the 1st circuit with the pin 1 connected on the pin 8.

Build a Great Sounding Audio Amplifier (with Bass Boost) from the LM

How can I do it?? There should be a small notch on the top of the chip that looks like a half circle.


The circuit operates at 9V, so any capacitor voltage rating above about 16V will work fine. I am doing so to attempt to convert from 9v to lm386n1. Here are links to those articles: Murat on March 8, at 2: If your voltage is lower than the minimum, the power output satasheet be very low and the audio will probably distort. I recently discovered this as well… The grounds for the input, output and power should run separately from the ground pin of the chip to reduce interference.

Tom on July 14, at I took a lot of time to see. I have made the previous works fine. Rafael on April 13, at 2: The only diagrams I have are already included in the article.

Talha on November 23, at 6: As a request, would you not like to attempt a oscilloscope using an arduino uno with the same clear instructions Thanks again Datashret. What are the specifications of output speaker? Where is the schmetic diagram?

Build a Great Sounding Audio Amplifier (with Bass Boost) from the LM386

And can i use this same circuit to power a watta speaker? Circuit Basics on April 5, at 1: Kev on April 22, at 1: With 9V and an 8 ohm speaker the power is to mW Reply.


This was my first ampmy first real circuit, and I did it with your video! Sir i am also interest to do this circuit, And I need speaker specification In which Rate of Speaker to be work on this circuit with best bass and volume.

Kolton on March 23, at 5: Like is there any power rating associated? I used the LM and looking to replace it for the LM Looks like there must be a typo somewhere as each side is shown connected to ground?? I just want to ask if this is an active or passive loudspeaker? I started with the LM then the LM op amps so I am always pleased to see someone trying to make this simple for the new folks!

First of all it was veryy amazing to see such an elaborate and simply designed project. Jefferson Yagdulas on March 3, at 3: However, after one donation, you are able daasheet donate again only after 3 months when your body has regained the donated blood. I wanna bass boost circuit. Rahil Gada on July 22, at Abdelrahman Tarek El-Ruby on December 1, at 3: