Loctite® TM OutputTM. Self-shimming, flexible silicone adhesive for demanding parts such as ceramic boards. SI is designed to bond metallic heat sinks, ceramic chips and circuit board substrates. SI applications include the bonding of various heat generating. Material System: ; Chemical System: Silicone; Material Properties (Nominal / Typical): ; Thermal Conductivity: 1 W/m-K ( BTU-ft/hr-ft²-F).

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Loctite provides strong bonds for metal enclosures in electronics circuits as well as modules, power semiconductors, graphics processors and other heat generating devices to their heat sinks. Loctite Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive For bonding circuit board substrates, metallic heat loctihe, and ceramic chips, Loctite is an ideal selection for an adhesive.

Loctite | Krayden

This, in turn, helps the conductive filler maintain consistent dispersion within the adhesive matrix. This product offers low resistance to loctihe flow of heat from the power device to the heat sink. An adhesive bond line of.


This material combines high thermal conductivity and great electrical isolation. Once the material has been removed, it should not be loctute to its original container as contamination may occur. The dielectric breakdown strength is The specific gravity of Loctite Adhesive is 2.

The proper cure rate depends heavily on the composition, size, and geometry of the parts that are being bonded, as well as the type of oven that is being used. This product should be stored in a dry location in its unopened container.

Loctite 5404 Technical Data Sheet

For additional technical data, please see the Loctite Technical Data Sheet. When applying or dispensing this material, a method that eliminates air entrapment within the bond line should be used.

These suggested times exclude heat up rate. For additional assistance with Loctite Silicone Adhesive, please contact Kraydenan authorized distributor of Henkel Loctite Adhesives. If added storage or application information is required for Loctiteplease contact a Krayden Technical Representative.

Loctite Silicone Adhesive | Krayden

No more adhesive than is necessary to fill the bond should be applied to the heat sink or the part. Contact Request a Quote.


This product boosts shock absorbing and load bearing characteristics of the bond area, and has low resistance to the stream of heat that moves from power device to heat sink.

This silicone based adhesive was designed for applications that include bonding numerous different types of devices that generate heat to their corresponding heat sinks. Loctite Adhesive is a white to gray silicone adhesive paste designed to bond power devices to their respective heat sinks.

Fluxing of Solar Panel Interconnects November 30, It is vital that the bond lines reach these temperatures for their specified times. Repacking Pails into Semco Cartridges December 4, For bonding circuit board substrates, metallic heat sinks, and ceramic chips, Loctite is an ideal selection for an adhesive.