Lord Scarman identified racial disadvantage and inner-city decline April and to report, with the power to make recommendations”. inquiry and Scarman report in and the Lawrence inquiry and Macpherson .. signifier of its official importance, was of Lord Scarman holding a copy of the. Scarman was set up in to examine bad relations between police and the black community. Next week sees the release of the Lawrence inquiry report. one of the members of the panel of inquiry, Sir Herman Ouseley.

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The problem lies not with the sort of person who lives in the inner city but with the number of people who live there.

Member for York—of if by any chance—as according to the hon. We divide to show scadman concern lest the Government reportt not implement it with the determination and enthusiasm that we scwrman it deserves. They may not know who are the community leaders, especially since many of those involved are self-styled leaders. Common in such cases are complaints that police do not do enough, fail to keep victims informed, seem disinterested, fail to apprehend offenders, or make mistakes in the process of investigation.

I hope that the report of the Committee will provide a sound basis on which I can put forward detailed proposals to the House as a whole. Reports of the United Kingdom government Brixton. Concerning the police, who have special powers in regard to protecting life, liberty and personal security, rigorous mechanisms are required to eliminate racial discrimination – direct or indirect – in the application of police powers, resources and discretion.

Facing the ugly facts

Yet on page 65 the report connects the sus law with police harassment and appears to feel that it is a power which should not be used. There is much to support in the report, but I cannot support any suggestion that the indigenous population should be placed at reoort disadvantage. The assumption—it is not argued; it is not even explicitly stated: Because of the nature of his inquiry and the nature of his post, Lord Scarman could not geport on Government spending.

Members who represent the Lambeth area are aware, my hon. A debate that is supposed to be about racial harmony will end with a Divisionthus displaying not our accord, which would be helpful, but our discord, which must discourage anyone considering these debates. Scarman was concerned with the “plight” of the ethnic communities in UK inner cities and their relationship with the rest of the national “community”. In the compass of a short, scarmman statement on publication of a major report, the House could not lorx looked for firmer guidance of intent.

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Scarman Report

While both the Conservative and Labour speakers in the parliamentary debate on the riots accepted the need to support the police, substantial disagreement centred on the issue of what role social deprivation and unemployment had in bringing young people to protest violently on the streets.

The debate in the House of Parliament to mark the publication of the Scarman report on the 26 November had as its theme “law and order” and the then leader of the Liberal PartyDavid Steelargued that “urgent action” to prevent a drift into lawlessness was necessary. Apparently the right hon. The point about consultation is that it will produce more effective policing, and with Her Majesty ‘s inspectors of constabulary that is the overall purpose I shall continue to pursue. If a longer speech were possible, I would describe in some detail what I believe to be the right policy—a race relations board with different powers and similar to the institution that was originally created, with the power to examine individual employment records and ask companies to explain why they had not used their best endeavours to promote a proper racial mix within their employment.

He has touched on many important issues. We need to be sure that these tests are free from cultural bias. I agree with paragraph 6.

The Home Secretary also mentioned ethnic monitoring. Several different pieces of legislation are required, but I shall concentrate on one facet—liaison with the community. So, In an important part of the capital there had been a near collapse of law and order characterised by battles between “young black people” and the police, which were “communal disturbances” and in which there was a strong racial element.

We accept the need for the Government to give a lead in this area. Secondly, Lord Scarman recommends lay visits to police stations, where random checks should be made on interrogation and detention practices.

There is no hard and fast demarcation of where the inner city ends and the middle city begins. But how could it stop there?

I thought it right to wait until we could also consider Lord Scarman’s own report and the views expressed in this debate. The third is more energetic action within existing powers to set up voluntary consultation arrangements.

It has long been recognised that where a section of the population has needs that are different from, or significantly greater than, those of the majority population, special measures may be called for. The last of his seven conclusions on causation states: I do not know whether they are correct, but I have had figures given to me indicating that the rate support grant cuts on Merseyside may lead to a reduction of 2, in the police.


The inner city is where the factories were built in the nineteenth century and where the workforce lived in the terraces and back-to-back houses.

Scarman Report – Wikipedia

There are those who want to proscribe and stop the Fascists 19981. In Lambeth as a whole, where the non-white population was 25 per cent. In his report he also made it clear that he found that chief officers of police, at all levels, were extremely keen to ensure that there was no racially prejudiced conduct within their repprt. In some areas, consultation below police authority level already exists. I support the suggestion in the report that the media must be made to act with more thought of the consequences of showing scenes of looting and disorder.

A key development has been the creation in of the Black Police Association.

I have mixed feelings about erport the Home Secretary said this afternoon. I propose to do so, having performed one other task, which is to say that I have a major reservation about what the report says.

Facing the ugly facts | Society | The Guardian

Members could give their broad reactions. This afternoon I have reported to the House on how the Government intend to implement my immediate acceptance of various recommendations in Lord Scarman’s report. That is another matter, and I shall not refer to it now. Gentleman did not even hear what was said yesterday about the urban aid programme.

She received much bad publicity. It is possible to bring incitement, and incitement to public disorder, within our legal framework, so that people who organise marches make themselves criminally responsible if the sort of march that they organise causes racial troubles and tensions within an area.

My projections were neither affirmed nor denied. When the Scarman report was published two weeks ago I welcomed it on behalf of the official Opposition in wholly enthusiastic and unequivocal terms.

The solutions are long-term ones, which depend on determination and attitudes of mind and the better direction of the resources of main programmes—education, employment and housing—as well as special measures like section 11 and the urban programme.

You must get more in.