Editorial Reviews. Review. In s England, year-old Lydia Grenville is a few The Last Hellion (Scoundrels Book 4) – Kindle edition by Loretta Chase. Romance Kindle eBooks @ The Last Hellion. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. I know I’m going to be in the minority, but here it is: The Last Hellion was a disappointing read. The Last Hellion is the last of the four books in Ms Chase’s will recall how skilfully Loretta Chase recounted Dain’s backstory in the book’s.

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Then readers are introduced to a highly unconventional heroine who is his match in both wit and intelligence. Ms Reading gets to the heart hllion the characters and the story in what is an incredibly nuanced and emotionally resonant performance.

Well-matched, appealing protagonists, a lively, witty writing style, and excellent dialog complement this compelling story that addresses some of the more relevant social issues of the Regency era.

Lydia is a journalist and is the secret author of a novel with a chapter a week published in the newspaper. And his sudden turn-around was a little hard to take.

It kind of lost its’ way a bit towards the end, but it hit all the helion buttons for me: The two main characters sounded similar. Vere unexpectedly became a duke after a series of tragedies in his family. These are two intelligent, kind, strong, and funny lazt. In s England, year-old Lydia Grenville is a few inches under six feet tall and mind-numbingly beautiful.


Vere has decided to live a very debauched lifestyle with little care for responsibilities or other people.

I wanted to hug the man and squeeze him real hard! What are you saying? For many of us, death is something that mostly stays in it’s place and visits the old.

Desert Isle Keeper

I only want lortta get my clothes. Amused by the sultry hell-cats’s fury, Mallory vows to teach her some humility — in life and in love. She took a very unpleasant fact of life in the 18th century – one that is rarely addressed in romance novels – and created the base for a great pairing. You can’t but love him!

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The Last Hellion — All About Romance

It began with a prologue which explored the hero’s background, creating a sympathetic character right from the start who had some pretty good reasons for being a hellion and a dissolute rake. Vere and Lydia together are almost like oil and water. But if he was going to treat women like “whores”, he was the biggest of them all. The LOS dialogue was witty and creative. The H seems weaker by comparison. Please read the rest of this review at Romantic Historical Reviews.

Ms Reading gets to the heart of the characters and the story in what is an incredibly nuanced and emotionally resonant performance. So far so good, I was absorbed up to this point.


Upon rereading — I’ve moved this from 4 to 5 stars. It is one of the best romances I’ve ever read, probably ever will, and one I will continue to read again and again.

It’s just such an utterly romantic and touching tale about soul mates and true love.

I’m a very different sort of person than Lydia, so I can’t say that I related to her on a really deep level. The quick-fire dialogue between the principals is to die lpretta, the romance is brilliantly written, and I loved the chaae of the friendship between Ainswood and Dain that we got to see.

The characters and dialogues were smart and hilarious, the Egypt setting was great, but I barely felt the romance because the overall story was heavily focused on solving the mystery.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Apr 08, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: Witty banters, quick dialogues, fast pace and many you-will-lough-to-death and also many you-will-cry-your-eyes-out scenes.