Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography [Chester Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A limited-edition reprint of Brown’s celebrated. LOUIS RIEL: A Comic-Strip Biography. Chester Brown, Author. Drawn and Quarterly $ (p) ISBN Chester Brown reinvents the comic book medium to create the critically acclaimed historical biography Louis Riel, winning the Harvey Awards for best writing.

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Unless you’re really into 19th century Canadian history regarding the Metis people yo Brown retells the history of Louis Riel using his unique drawing skills. Sim, Dave October Gray’s outdoor scenes were inspired by the Illinois plains of Gray’s youth, terrain similar to that of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Louis Riel is a fascinating character. Over five years in the making, Brown’s work is completely realized here, from the strikingly designed two-color cover to the cream-colored paper and pristinely clear drawings. The foreword, the map section, the index and the notes section provide excellent detail that enriches the reading experience.

CM Magazine: Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography.

I didn’t grow up in Canada and, thus, didn’t learn anything about Louis Riel co,ic-strip the Metis culture he defended. There’s quite a comedic scene with one of the racist prisoners shouting expletives you just see “XXX” in the caption baloon and coupled with his ruel face and cavernous mouth it made me laugh.

All of this will hook readers’ minds and eyes, but never tell them what to think or feel. Neither Sutherland [another casualty] nor Parisien died immediately.


More By and About This Author. New Media in the Classroom. Brown retells the history of Louis Riel using his unique drawing skills. Spirale in French My two year old loves it. Best New Series [90]. It certainly is not an academic read on Biograpyh Riel; moreover it’s not childsplay either. International Journal of Comic Art. This is just one example among over a hundred.

Louis Riel: A Comic-strip Biography

In the pages of Yummy Fur, Brown serialized a bleakly humorous story called Ed the Happy Clown which was published as a graphic novel in and went on to win several awards. They also reveal Brown’s process in shaping the story from conflicting sources. Plus it has lois certain charm.

Photographs of the book’s two adversaries. Of course, I was rooting for Gabriel Dumont the whole time Invaders from the North: A valiant and successful attempt to explore a complex and important part of Canadian and North American history. Brown pays particular attention to biobraphy detail and it is obvious that Louis Riel has a champion in the author.

Though the jury pleads for mercy, he is sentenced to hang. Harvey Awards staff The problem is that the leading work in the genre — Larry Gonick’s many-volumed Cartoon History of the Universe — is so outrageously comic-steip that it is hard for anyone else to compete.

I would love to see many, many more books like this one. Riel is expelled from Parliament for failing to sit, but wins his seat again in the next by-election. The visual style was very static, so it didn’t convey the movement and chaos lojis I would expect to accompany an armed rebellion, and the dialogue was very stiff and emotion-less.


I rie feel connected to any of the characters, like they were all two-dimensional comic strips, as opposed to real people with twisted, or confused motives.

Your book is now on my ‘prioritiesed’ shelf The Book is drawn simply but is still beautiful to look at and hold.

Unusual for comics of the time, it includes a full scholarly apparatus: Really fantastic- I loved the art and the extensive notes at the end with additional information. An easy, entertaining, and educational read. The characters’ heads became smaller while their bodies and hands grew larger, with Riel appearing “like the Hulk in a wool suit” after his hilltop religious revelation.

This book was a great introduction to rieel issues, Metis grievances, and important players of the time.

Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography

Brown’s drawing style had always changed from project to project. I loved the pouis of the drawing, and I know very little of this history but felt this did beautifully at illuminating one view into the fascinating character and contradictions of Riel. The serialization sold poorly, but the book version was a surprise bestseller.