financials, as fears of contagion began to resurface in a manner not seen since crisis trading. Yamada Says Gold Is Now Under Accumulation. By Louise Yamada, Founder of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors. Gold Prices Could Sink to $1,, Louise Yamada Says. Aug — Louise Yamada, managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research. Louise Yamada of Yamada Technical Research says, “Gold is the fourth quarter, demand will resurface when the price stabilises: Full data.

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Suffice to say that the Chinese still import from this country and the demand is keeping up. Make no mistake about it: The slowdown in housing construction has already cut growth, and the freezeup in mortgage markets could put housing into a deeper hole. The major nations are well aware of this and would be prepared to step in and very gradually lower the dollar down to a certain level.

As the US treasurer, he is directing the PPT and he would’nt have changed jobs unless he knew that Goldman would make a lot of cash deciding what to buy or sell on behalf of the US Government. I am sure that the other Central Banks are well aware of what the US is up to: If they want to tackle the trade deficit then a lower dollar is the only solution – this would make imports more expensive relative to domestically produced products meaning imports would be reduced.

Trump car tariffs could run European convertibles off U.S. roads

Find this comment offensive? The current account is the broadest measure of trade because it incorporates goods, services and financial transactions. Video More video Some analysts say Asia is the place to look for a good financial bet.

This could be a planted article as Central banks have double counted their gold reserves according to critics. India is relatively better placed than other emerging markets.

As to China, increase in M3 was about Nones 25 Jan at Among other precious metals, platinum is up to 1, usd against 1, usd after reports that South African mine workers rejected a pay offer from Northam Platinum, increasing the likelihood of strike action. I learned that allocated metal cost an extra 1. Because the US economy is distorted, it will have a profound effect on less taxation coming in with the greater social, security and other Govt spending at current high levels to mop up unemployment.


Iran’s central bank governor Sheibany also confirmed Iran is cutting U. The executive said convertibles may not disappear if car makers can forge alliances to share production costs, or design vehicles that are less expensive to build alongside high-volume models. The Illuminati Banks, including the FED, are privately owned and date lohise to the Rothchild banking empire, still very active today.

Is this the top of rexurfaces commodities market, or just a correction? The Bank of Canada has also progressively cut the size of its liquidity injections and in Australia, the central bank’s money market operations were back to something like normal Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the WTO World Trade Organisation suffers from resurrfaces self interest from the large participants and this cooperation is superficial. The greater that global economic imbalances grow, the greater grow the pressures for them to unwind, and the less likely is it that such processes can be controlled.

The FHA’s plan to lower down payments and boost loan limits in its lending program doesn’t include a pilot project or consider the impact on African-Americans, Senator Elizabeth Dole, a North Carolina Republican, told the Senate Banking Committee last month. Paulson thinks that that at this stage, it won’t be necessary and he dreads a fall in the dollar because of increased inflation and any capitulation by the FED.

Finally Bernanke had to admit that subprime was causing a problem. My initial feelings are that this move by the Fed may offer an opportunity to trim our sails a bit – i. He is now drafting a review of the impacts of climate change for the state premiers. It is at this point that hyper inflation really takes over, I believe. The sentiment index jumped to Henry Paulson, the US Tresury Secretary, said any such sanctions would undermine American authority and “could trigger a global cycle of protectionist legislation”.

Unless the Governments of these CB’s agree to a concerted action, Gold cannot be confiscated.

Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, LLC

Oil companies are having to look much harder for major new oil finds. Overall, ignoring the noise and paid headlines, the current situation could have been worse, IMHO. Train Wreck of the Week – May 21 resirfaces But at present global demand for energy in general – and oil in particular – is rising inexorably. Suffice to say that the ” tons” Agreement is worthless while leasing is taking place. Marta, fixed-income strategist at RBC Capital Markets, said his institution expects the benchmark yield to end the year at 5.


But bulls say gold remains cheap relative to other assets: Overall, Yamara am satisfied that sofar the correct levers have been pulled by the Central Banks; after all, the money supply is strongly on the increase without these happenings anyway, so drowning the markets with much more liquidity is not needed at this time.

By that I mean first that growth in Chinese industrialisation seems to me sustainable over the long term, assuming continued peace. Even then, the value of the Japanese dollar may not grow much as it is not wanted. He said banks are worried that may be stuck having to hold loans they can no longer sell in credit markets. Alternatively, Japan may increase the interest rate which will have the same result. The Rating agencies have been slow with rerating CDOs, giving affected parties time to get out and this has been open to criticism.

One possibility is that China may begin paying Iran for louis in yuans. Can you talk about the developed and the emerging market index? Credit worthiness of these investments is determined by the Rating agencies who apparently have been over-rating these.

This is why the Central banks are having a hard time convincing the CP markets to take advantage of their short term stop gap loans via the discount window for exampleand the central banks efforts to stem the credit meltdown is not working.