I do not recommend it, but in LyX there will be an option (if you have the dependencies installed) to export through Pandoc. eLyXer eLyXer is a program available in the software repositories as elyxer that converts a document in LyX format to a nicely formatted HTML document. I have just installed, Lyx/Sweave on ubuntu on an Asus eeepc I have upgraded to Lyx using the repository at.

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If you use LyX version 2. They are not bookmarks and you cannot link to or jump to bookmarks braindead as this seems.

As of the configuration above will export your bibliography, but it will ignore your choice of bibliography style. Method 2, command line: Unfortunately it is interpreted differently by different programs Some programs interpret “Orientation Landscape” as “this file is already in landscape orientation”, while others interpret it as “this file should be in landscape orientation, therefore it should be rotated by 90 degrees.

Here are steps to do so. LyX interacts solely with the converter latex2rt. These are subject to change as Pandoc is further developed. Equations are in principle supported, but I don’t know how well.

It should be identical in all respects to to the “latex to pdf pdflatex ” converter, the post-processing is done by the Copier in the new File Format. There is no way to escape these special characters. Prior to LaTeX2rtf version 1. The first uses LyX only, the second uses the command line. Namely, we would need to: See this How-to on Pandoc export for instructions to install Pandoc. If this does not work, please check the PDF output level of your ps2pdf command: See step ” Try exporting ” above.


Run the installer and accept the default installation directory – usually C: You are using package “hyperref” and you have at least two pages “1”. This will produce usable LaTeX, but it tends to be pretty ugly, as Writer2latex tries to preserve the visual appearance of the document instead of its structure. How can you convert Word files into LaTeX? If the path doesn’t contain spaces, as in the Linux and OS X examples above, you don’t need them.

That is most likely the result of encoding issues. Email Required, but never shown. Try an open it with a word processor to see if the conversion worked. This will ask for confirmation before downloading and installing a plugin “filter” for Pandoc that allows it to process bibliographies.


Create a converter command from LaTex plain to OpenDocument. Install the pdftk tool kit and run something like pdftk sourcefile. Exporting should now work.

Also, starting with LaTeX2rtf 1. Configuration for bibliographies The default configuration above does not handle separate bibliography files. However, running these distributions with LyX is still tricky but might improve in the future. Selecting a bibliography style As of the configuration above will export your bibliography, but it will ignore your choice of bibliography style. This is also good for emailed quotes where prices or terms and conditions could be altered later.

For instance, LyX’s change tracking fofmat uses dvi specials to mark the changes in the output. Make sure your bibliography file has the proper encoding Note for Zotero users.

You can also call page numbers directly also pagemode, zoom, and view approve sites. The second is best because it allows for easy updates and it is needed anyway to install further tools, notably Latex2rtf, the other word processor converter for LyX.


msword – Lyx to Word Export issue – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

As for Gentoo with LyX 1. Could not update this information. To make sure that all fonts are embedded: You can edit the converter entry to remove or add options by: Put these together you get. If you want to keep the look of the default fonts, you have several possibilities. The following is a short digest of this thread.

The exact details depend upon how you can call LyX itself from the command line on your platform try lyx –helpbut if we ignore that, then what you want is: The homepage for LaTeX2rtf is here.

See the first entry under Simplest Option below. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Text files use various “encodings” to encode characters. An advantage of this method is that you can define your own caption names e. If you adopt the Lyx-only method to use bibliography formats, this method is useful in two settings: You can have a look infoormation our starter jnformation to familiarize yourself further with our format.

Identify the relative path from your LyX file to your. Picking up a file is marked by the file name.