Book review on Maa by Anisul Hoque. book2. published:January The book is based on the war of Bangladesh,in It is based on true. Maa By Anisul Haque Bangla Pdf Free Download. Book Name:Maa Writter:Anisul Haque Catagory:Bangla Uponnash To Download:Just Click. File: Maa-Anisul – Size: Mb – Uploaded on: 26th of June – Total Downloads: Ads.

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Review Page 1 Review Page 2 By: Scan qualities very good. The cover image of Maa Bengali edition.

This is a mother as strong as the now sovereign country of ours. Amazing Jotil ekta boi.

Masterpiece ajj bijoy dibosh. Anisul Hoque was born in Rangpur,Bangladesh in He is a diligent dream-distributor who writes to scatter the magic dust of hope among people in order to have them rise challenges they have not dreamed of.

The story is about one of our freedom fighter Azad and his mother. Azader maaer rin shoudh na kore ei bangalir mara jaowa thik na.

Book review on Maa by Anisul Hoque

The writer makes it a historical piece for anyone who wants to know about our freedom fighters. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The tears and pride of a mother Nahid Khan is reminded of the pathos of war Anieul, Anisul Hoque, Shomoy Prokashon A mother is desperately looking for her only son through every lead she can get for days after he was seized by the Pakistani military for interrogation about the whereabouts of freedom fighters of the independence war.

By the time when the liberation war of Bangladesh began, Azad was grown-up, almost self-reliant and a graduate from the University of Dhaka but in the middle of the war he is caught by Pakistan Army on 29 August and tortured brutally and martyred.


Are you looking to find a Martial Arts School around you? This is the story of Azads Maa but the vast plot of the book describes the true ordeal of the nine-month war in an unforgettable touch. By using below links you can able to download the pdf file or read it online by pdf viewer.

It is one of very few books which tells the story on the first page, but makes one still want to read the rest of the mwa non-stop to experience the journey. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Maa Read for Free! :মা: Boi-Mela

He was brutally tortured by them. Diary of a simple life. When the happiness knocked on the door,the independence naque commences and Azad got involved in it. That comment shows how beautifully the book covers the facts of war and engages a reader to the search for truth.

It has been sold 9 copies.

For me it meant a lot of sleepless nights; the thought of the anguish in Shafia Begum’s heart and the ordeal of war for an entire country kept me awake. So stay with us for reading new books.

Maa-Anisul Haque .pdf

Most viewers thought the book is Masterpiece. Like many of the contemptible collaborators ofone contributes to Azad’s arrest and disappearance. Amazing plot, and I read it quite late but Anisul Haq probably ruined bit with putting fiction on it then again it increased the thieves to know more about our liberation War of She is determined never to return and raises Azad on her own, all the while struggling with the humiliation of having been cheated on and with not enough means for subsistence living.


When a little light begins to show at the end of Shafia’s tunnel, the independence war commences and Azad gets actively involved in it.

She has hoped Azad will come back one day, until death wipes it all away. Notify me of new comments via email. There is much danger and uncertainty but nothing diverts the mother from her focus. The story begins when Azad’s mother Shafia, being angry with her husband’s cheating on her, leaves her wealthy husband’s affluent home with a small child, Azad.

Download or read Bengali pdf book online. The writer uses many songs and poems in the book in full and it never feels that just a one or two-line mention would be sufficient. Shared 7 Facebook Twitter. Tanvir Hasan Rajib Date: Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Maa by Anisul Haque

His task anidul finally been accomplished by Anisul Hoque. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Maa never has any rice nor has she slept on a bed for the rest of her life, all fourteen years after Azad’s disappearance. Nonetheless Shafia does not lose hope and carries on searching for him, as the dead body is never found.