As part of my studies, I’ve been asked to design a prestressed concrete beam for a bridge. As part of this. Magnel Diagram The relationship between 1/Pi and e are linear and if plotted graphically, they provide a useful means of determining appropriate values of. Magnel diagram. From StructuralWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Graphical method for design of prestressed concrete beams.

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Take 30 per cent of the variable load contributing to the quasi-permanent load. The line of maximum possible eccentricity is also plotted but, as it lies outside the zone bounded by the four inequalities, does not place any restriction on the possible djagram. A much more useful approach to design can he developed if the equations are treated graphically as follows.

Concrete Stair Reinforcement Design. This form of construction is known as a Magnel Diagram.

Magnel diagram example

For the previous example, using minimum preslress force of kN. These inequalities are plotted on the Magnel diagram in figure If this proves to be critical then the section may have to be redesigned taking the quasi-permanent load condition as more critical than the characteristic load condition. For different assumed values of diafram further limits on the prestress force can be determined in an identical manner although the calculations would be tedious and repetitive.


The additional line 5 shown on he diagram corresponds to a possible physical limitation of the maximum eccentricity allowing for the overall depth of section, cover to the prestressing tendons, provision of shear links and so on.

Hence the intersection of these two lines should be taken as the maximum prestress force and. The Magnel diagram can now be used to investigate other possible solutions for the design prestressing force and eccentricity.

The intersection of the two lines at position A on the diagram corresponds to a value of Pi — kN.

Magnel diagram example – Album on Imgur

Responses cara What is quasi permanent load? Alternatively, if the eccentricity is fixed, he diagram can be used to investigate the range of possible prestress force for the given eccentricity.

The lines marked 1 to 4 correspond to equations Values of minimum diagrwm maximum prestress force can be readily read from the diagram as can intermediate values where the range of possible eccentricities for a chosen force can be easily determined. Post a comment Name From the previous example:.

Magnel Diagram Equations – Concrete Design – Eurocode Standards

From he previous examples:. Two separate figures are shown as it is possible for line I. Get My Free Ebook.


Construct the Magnel diagram for the beam given in example The Magnel diagram is magndl powerful design tool as it covers all possible solutions of the inequality equations and enables a range of prestress force and eccentricity values to be investigated. The calculation in example! Since this is greater than the upper limit already established from equation Note that in equation In addition, it is possible to assume values of eccentricity for which there is no solution for the prestress force as the upper magneo lower limits could overlap.

Assume a maximum possible eccentricity of mm allowing for cover etc. Once a value of preslress force lying between the minimum and upper limit value is chosen, the compressive stress at the top of the section under the quasi-permanent loads should also be calculated and compared with the lesser allowable value of 0. The relationships can be plotted as shown in figure