Sefer Hamitzvot is a work by the 12th century rabbi, philosopher and physician Maimonides. While there are various other works titled similarly, the title “Sefer. Read the text of Sefer HaMitzvot online with commentaries and connections. Sefer HaMitzvotספר המצוות. מחבר: רמב”םAuthor: Rambam · תוכןContents · מפרשים. There are limited versions of Maimonides’ Sefer Hamitzvot in which he enumerates commandments of the Torah elucidating each one of (acronym.

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Orthodox union

Retrieved from ” https: For example, we are obligated to abstain from working the land during the Sabbatical year. But we delude ourselves if we think that these performances have their full significance.

We recognize that various mitzvot reinforce one another. See this page for further explanation.

The first English translation of the authoritative Kapach edition is presented here by Sichos In English Publishing. Maimonides explains that he does not include within his list of mitzvot admonishments to observe the Torah.

All that anger Me will not see it. Maimonides states that a person should live in the land of Israel — even in a city dominated by pagans. Sources for comments are given, The text of the Rambam appears with vowels in crystal clear type. Why does Maimonides not count this obligation among his commandments? Similarly, if a woman wishes to settle in the land of Israel and her husband refuses, she may demand a hamitzfot with full payment of her ketubah.


There is an enigmatic comment of the Sages — quoted by Rashi — that maimonide provide hamitzfot insight into this issue. Some of the mitzvot are clearly tied to the land of Israel. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Like the injunction to not ascend Sinai, the requirement to conquer the land of Israel emerges and reemerges at specific moments in history.

Sefer Hamitzvot

One obvious contradiction is found in Maimonides comments in his Mishne Torah regarding mwimonides significance of the land of Israel. Join the OU conversation today! And according to Maimonides, general admonishments are not counted among Taryag.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Retrieved from ” https: It seems to be in direct opposition to numerous statements and rulings of Maimonides.

Is the heart working? We must wear tefillin and observe the mitzvah of mezuzah. Admonishments to observe the Torah do not meet this criterion. Expound on the way you learn Rambam, This new edition contains in depth explanations, sources, Halacha L’Maaseh and other relevant topics.

While there are various other works titled similarly, the title “Sefer Hamitzvot” without a modifier haamitzvot to Maimonides’ work. Find out about the controversies revolving the Mishneh Torah and how the Rambam himself dealt with this sharp criticism from the Gedolay Ashkenaz. For example, at the time of the giving of the Torah Bnai Yisrael were instructed to not approach or ascend Sinai. Kovetz Siyum HaRambam No, we are keeping it alive until we can reintegrate it into the body.


Of course, it is. Yet, according to the Sffer, our observance of these mitzvot in exile is only practice for our return to the land of Israel!

File:Rambam-Sefer-Hamitzvot-HBpdf – Wikimedia Commons

Public domain Public domain false false. Incidentally, this thesis provides some justification and halachic basis for creating a Jewish State. Corresponding secular dates are included for convenience. Both the spies and the nation are punished severely for this rebellion against Hashem.

This injunction was related to a specific time — the Revelation. They must be observed regardless of our place of residence. This new daily study calendar identifies the “mitzvah of the day” starting 21 Elul, – 4 Av,the 38th yearly cycle. Chaim Heller’s acclaimed edition of Maimonides’ Book of the Commandmentsin which the Hebrew translation is newly corrected against the Judeo-Arabic original.

But with exile, the command was suspended. Nachmanides wrote a critique of Maimonides Sefer HaMitzvot.

Hamiztvot a result of their refusal to conquer the land the nation is condemned to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. Using modern technology, we can cause the heart to continue to beat outside of the body.